Two scientists awarded the Nobel Prize for developing ground-breaking technology for COVID-19 vaccine production


This year’s Nobel Prize in medicine has been awarded to two scientists who developed the technology to make a vaccine against the corona virus.


Dr. Scientist who developed the technology to open the way to make mRNA vaccine against corona virus. Caitlin Carico and Dr. Drew Weisman has been awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The Nobel Prize Committee said that the laureates have contributed to vaccine development at an unprecedented speed during one of the greatest risks faced by human health in modern times.

Before the outbreak of the Covid epidemic, mRNA technology was only in an experimental state. But after the spread of the epidemic, this technology was used to create the Covid vaccine.
Companies such as Pfizer, Biotech and others developed vaccines based on mRNA technology to prevent corona infection.

The vaccine played an important role in saving the lives of millions of people around the world. The two winners will receive a gold medal and a combined prize of US$1 million.

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