Updates available in Files app and Nearby Share app with Google’s folder-sharing support

Google has updated the File app and Nearby Share app with folder-sharing support. According to a report by Android Police, Android users can now share entire folders between devices (Android, Chromebook and PC) using the Nearby Share feature.


Due to this update, Android users can now use the wireless sharing feature to transfer folders to other devices without destroying the folder structure. However, one thing to note is that this feature only works with the Files app, which is the default file manager for Android.

To facilitate this feature seamlessly, Google has added a new dedicated tab for nearby sharing within the Files app. Using this tab, users can easily select the folder they want to share and transfer files or folders wirelessly.

It has not been revealed which devices will support the folder transfer feature via Nearby Share. However, we can assume that the device supports nearby sharing. For example it will work between Windows 11 PCs, Android phones and Android tablets.

There have also been several reports of nearby share folder transfers in the past few months. According to reports, Nearby Share has supported this folder-sharing feature for some time. Google had been testing this feature for some time and now this feature has started rolling out.

How to share folders with Nearby Share?

First you need the Files app. If you have this app then open it, if not then download it from play store. Now, select the folder you want to share. Then, the device searches for other devices nearby and can then be shared.

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