Viber now offers the convenience of purchasing bus tickets online, which has been providing online bus ticket booking services, can now also book tickets through Rekuten Viber. An agreement has been reached between Busseva Travels and Rekuten Viber to provide online bus ticket booking services between events.


The agreement was signed by PR Khanal, the chief executive officer of the bus service, and Toshihiko Otsuka, director, on behalf of Rikuten Vibus. With the agreement, it will be possible to buy bus tickets for any destination in Nepal through Viber’s chat box. Passengers can easily book tickets through Viber.

PR Khanal, the chief executive of the bus service, said that the service that allows passengers to book tickets through Viber will also bring more convenience.

Busseva is the only way to sell bus tickets online in Nepal. has been providing services on most of the routes across Nepal under Busseva Tours and Travels. Also, Busseva has been providing online ticket booking services in cities like New Delhi, Bodh Gaya, Muzaffarpur and others in India.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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