Vlogger Rajkumar Tamang arrested on charges of betting propaganda

Vlogger Rajkumar Thapa alias Rajkumar Tamang has been arrested by police on the charge of advertising and promoting online betting platform.


Spokesperson of Valley Crime Investigation Office and Superintendent of Police (SP) Ravindra Regmi informed that he was arrested on Friday. According to SP Regmi, the arrested person has been sent to the police complex Teku for further investigation.

Earlier on June 32, artist Raju Poudel (Raju Master) and Marichman Shrestha ‘Balchi Dhurve’ along with Pawan Khatiwada, Elish Rai, Jwalan Ghartimagar, Ganesh Devkota, Saroj Ghimire and Vegam Nepali were arrested on charges of advertising and promoting online betting platform. On the same day, the police revealed five agents who made more than one billion bets through OneX Bet.

Lately, after the promotion of betting and casino gaming apps has started on social media, the police has started preparing to take action against the people involved in such activities.

Article 125 of the Criminal Code of Nepal 2074 prohibits gambling or betting. In sub-section 920 of article 125, 910 of (a) the person who gambles or plays for the first time shall be imprisoned for three months or a fine of up to 30 thousand rupees and in sub-section (b) the person who gambles or plays for the second time shall be imprisoned for up to one year and fined up to 50 thousand rupees and repeated for subsequent offences. Imprisonment for an additional three months and a fine of up to 10,000 rupees.

The police have accused the arrested person of promoting betting through YouTube through the OneX app. An advertisement has been seen on YouTube saying that you can get a discount on OneX betting by using a promo code.

Although the government has decided to ban online betting websites including ONEX Bet in Nepal, the trend of online betting has not been controlled.

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