We are making it easy to go looking for WiFi soon – Delhi official

We are making it easy to go looking for WiFi soon – Delhi official

Managing Director of Nepal Telecom, Dilli Ram Adhikari, has said that he will end the situation of searching for Wi-Fi when there are complaints that mobile data has become expensive. He said that Nepal Telecom has made a plan to bring data in a cheap package so that one does not have to go around looking for WiFi.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, the official said that mobile data has become expensive due to various reasons. He said that mobile data has become more expensive than internet due to revenue, fees and other issues to be paid to the government.

Mobile service providers have to pay Rs 20 billion to the government in five years and email / internet service providers have to pay only Rs 270,000 in the same period. That is why the value of mobile data could not be reduced, he said.

He said that even though the price of mobile data cannot be reduced directly in the current situation, they are working to find WiFi by bringing a special package. “We’re talking about finding Wi-Fi soon,” he said at the event.

He said that preparations are being made for the FiveG test and the test will start after getting permission from the regulatory body Nepal Telecom Authority. He informed that the NEA has been given the blueprint of the test and the test will start after the government has brought the necessary equipment after determining the FVG frequency.

Nepal Telecom plans to complete most of the Forge project and Mid-Hill Highway project in the current fiscal year. In addition, the telco plans to test the FiveG service, convert local telephones and ADSL to fiber, and launch mobile finance services in the current fiscal year.

It was informed that the telco has plans to build necessary infrastructure in all local bodies to support digital education, telemedicine, e-governance, formulate and implement telecommunication infrastructure sharing policy, operate mobile finance services nationwide, implement paperless automation, and prioritize electronic top-up.

Stating that the corona infection has affected the telecom sector for the past two years, spokesperson Rajesh Joshi said that it has negatively affected the overall service flow of Nepal Telecom. It was informed that due to the corona transition, delays in the implementation of the projects, staff management, revenue growth and difficulties in cost reduction, sales management of recharges have been challenged.

Telecom spokesperson Rajesh Joshi gave a presentation on the current situation of Nepal Telecom. He informed about the progress achieved by Nepal Telecom, current plans and future plans.


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