We are making legal arrangements for the development of information technology sector: Minister Sharma

Communication and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma has said that information and communication technology will play an important role in fulfilling the ‘agenda’ of good governance and prosperity that the government has prioritized.


Addressing the program organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology today on the occasion of the sixth National Information and Communication Technology Day, she said that the government is working to end the chaos prevalent in the country and facilitate the service delivery sector.

He said that since the formation of the present government, the essential service sector is being promoted with a new speed, giving priority to public service delivery.

She said that the services such as passports, national identity cards, local labor permits for Nepalis going for foreign employment, electronic health check-ups and counseling for Nepalis working abroad have been started by the government and there is a need to make the use of information technology effective in order to facilitate the flow of these services. .

Mentioning that information technology is becoming the basis of every citizen’s lifestyle, Minister Sharma said that information technology has now become not only a means of entertainment but also an essential means.

‘Qualitative changes are coming in the lives of ordinary citizens through its use. Service delivery is transparent, easy, fast and has helped in cost reduction. The services provided by the state to the citizens are becoming information technology friendly’, she said.

She mentioned that the situation has been created where citizens can get essential services including financial transactions online from home, and by further expanding it, it has become today’s responsibility to establish the right of safe use and equal access of common citizens to information technology.

Stating that the government has moved ahead with the study for the establishment of the National Cyber ​​Security Center to face the challenges seen in cyber security, she informed that the national cyber security policy formulation work has reached its final stage. “For the security of government communication and information technology systems, the National Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Center has been established and put into operation in the ministry,” she said.

Minister Sharma informed that the government is working for the necessary policies, laws and regulations to ensure the development, expansion and safe use of the communication and information technology sector. “The government is working for the necessary legal arrangements to strengthen the communication and information technology sector, such as the review of the communication and information technology policy, cyber security policy, information technology bill, cyber security bill, telecommunication bill,” she said.

She informed that a digital literacy and public awareness program is going to be conducted across the country to make citizens literate regarding the use and safe use of information technology. She mentioned that ‘digital device’ is becoming a big problem for us.

Minister Sharma said, ‘On the one hand, there is a problem that people in all places cannot access information technology, and on the other hand, the conditions have not been created for all citizens to use it equally. It is the government’s responsibility to remove this gap between those who can and cannot use information technology. She appealed to make a concrete contribution to the work of bringing good governance and prosperity through the use of secure information technology.

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