What are the factors contributing to mobile explosions?

The news of mobile phone explosion is not new. Recently, a new incident of mobile phone explosion has come from Nashik, India. It was also reported that three people were injured in this mobile phone explosion.


In this case too, the phone was charging. When the phone placed near the window exploded, the glass of the window also broke. As such incidents are increasing, today we will discuss why mobile phones explode.

This causes the phone to explode

Very few smartphone users know that the lithium-ion battery in the phone has a very high charge capacity. These types of batteries are more explosive.

According to experts, one of the reasons for mobile blast or mobile battery blast is the heat generated in the lithium-ion battery. This type of battery in the phone can explode in any situation.

Due to the heat generated in the charging circuit or the battery, the mobile can also explode. In fact, some heat is generated due to chemical reactions in the battery. This heat can spread to the electrolyte region. Overall, high temperatures in the electrolyte cause the battery case to explode.

The reason for the explosion of mobile phones is that the phone manufacturers do not take safety precautions. To attract users, attention is paid to reduce the weight of the phone. For this reason, such incidents are also happening in the race to make thin phones.
In some cases, the battery electrodes short and the mobile explodes.

What is going wrong?

Using a low-quality charger to charge a mobile phone can prove to be the biggest mistake. Users are advised to purchase the original phone of the same brand of charger they are using to charge the device.

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