What did Samsung unveil at yesterday’s unpacked event?

What did Samsung unveil at yesterday’s unpacked event?

The company has unveiled four devices at its Unpack event. The company unveiled the unpacked event live on August 11.

1. Galaxy Z Fold Three

The Galaxy Z Fold Three Unpacked event is set to go public. It will also have an under display camera. It looks like an old tablet because you can’t see the camera space unless you look carefully.

It can also use Samsung’s Aspen stylus. The company has worked hard to make the Aspen stylus usable on the Galaxy Z Fold III.

The company has made its screen protector 80 percent powerful. The company plans to sell it for १८ 1,800. It will go on sale from August 27.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone

Samsung has unveiled the next generation foldable smartphone at the event. The company has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone at the Galaxy Unpacked event. It is said to have a 6.90 inch touchscreen primary display. The phone will have a 12 megapixel primary camera.

It will have 3 rear cameras. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be a phone based on Android. The phone uses Snapdragon 888 processor. Z Flip 3 will also feature indisplay fingerprint, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth. It will go public on August 27 and will cost 1,000.

3. Galaxy Watch Four and Watch Four Classic

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 are more compatible with Tizen than the classic Wear OS. Samsung also has a three-in-one bioactive sensor that can measure body fat percentage.

It will also have a new 5 nanometer processor and 50 percent bigger RAM. This will make the watch faster. The Galaxy Watch Four will cost ९ 249 while the Watch Four Classic will cost ९ 349. It will also be available from August 27.

4. Galaxy Bud 2

Samsung’s Galaxy Bud 2 is said to come in a more colorful design. The company has stated that this is a continuation of the Galaxy Bud series. It is coming with many updates. Earlier, it used to come with a mix of two color tones, but now it will come in a single hue design.

It will have three ambient sounds as it will have NNC feature. The charging pot of the Galaxy Bud 2 will be similar to the Pixel Bud Echo which is white on the outside and your favorite color on the inside.

It will have active noise reduction but no noise cancellation feature. This increases the clarity of the call or songs. The company has said that the Galaxy Bud 2 will cost 150.


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