What is the meaning of I (i) before iPhone?

Kathmandu. Have you ever wondered why other companies' mobiles are called phones but Apple's mobiles are called iPhones? Not only that, the letter 'I' comes in front of every Apple product.

Like iMac, iPad, iPod, iCloud, iOS and so on. Over the past three decades, Apple has named more than two dozen of its products with an 'i' at the beginning. After all, what is the full form of 'i'?

Today we are telling you about iPhone's 'i'. Apple is a company that works in the ecosystem. All of its products are intertwined with each other.

In accordance with the purpose of this ecosystem, the company's smartphone has also been named iPhone to associate the name with other Apple products.

All products with 'i' in front of the name start with Apple's laptop 'iMac'. The iMac was released in 1998. Which could easily be connected to the internet.

To indicate this feature of Apple's new laptop, an 'i' was added in front of the name of its laptop 'Mac'. This is why the short form of internet is 'I'. Which Apple advanced as a small letter of English.

In this way, the full form of Apple computer was named iMac by combining the first word 'i' of the English name 'Macintosh' and 'Internet'. This may seem normal as internet access is very easy these days.

But in the 1990s, it was a very big thing that the computer market where the Internet was easily accessible. But 'I' does not only represent the Internet. It also represents other words.

Steve Jobs, the founder of the company, said that when the iMac was released at that time, the letter 'I' also represented other things.

In this, 'I' means 'individual', 'instruct', 'inform' as well as 'inspire'. In this way, after Apple connected the Internet and kept the iMac name, the same name was added to other products as well.

Therefore, he said that in the case of other products, 'I' can have any meaning so that users can connect every word they want, not just the Internet, and feel their right to own the product. In this way, every Apple product has an 'i' attached to it today.

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