What kind of video will many people watch when you put it on YouTube? Now AI will give you tips

Kathmandu. Like other Google platforms, YouTube will also have an AI feature. YouTube's Gen-AI feature, which is currently being tested, is said to inform creators about new styles of videos.

youtube support pageThe company has informed about the new AI feature coming to YouTube. “Now we're testing an AI tool for creators to make it easier to figure out how to create a new video,” the support page says.

If you are a creator, you have to open YouTube Studio on desktop and go to Analytics and go to the option called 'Research'. After that, it is mentioned that what kind of video the audience prefers when you put it.

According to the company, this feature informs creators about what content or topic their audience wants to see more of.

Similarly, the company said that this tool will help to inform about angle ideas of content that creators have never tried before. Currently this feature is available only among some limited creators. According to the company, creators who make videos in English have got this feature.

Recently, YouTube has introduced an AI feature with an 'Ask' button. With the help of this feature brought to the user, the user can get information about any video. In particular, you can ask questions about the video you are about to watch, what kind of information it contains.

From May 1, this feature is available to users in various regions. This feature is not yet available in Nepal.

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