What new technology came through Google I/O?

Kathmandu. Google has completed its annual developer conference this year. Meanwhile, the company has given information about its various projects and technologies. However, Google did not give much information about the expected Android 15.

Google's developer conference this time focused on AI. From which it seems that Google is now trying to tilt its journey towards AI. Google has announced several AI-related projects this year.

Apart from this, Google has also given various updates about the large language models Gemini and Jemma. Similarly, among the new devices, Google has released a tablet named Pixel Slate, Pixel 8A.

Overall, some of the key announcements made through the program are as follows:

Android 15

Google first released the beta version of Android 15 last February. Although not much discussed in this event, Google has released the second beta version of Android 15. It is expected that Android 15 will be released within this year with this improvement.

Generative AI for Learning

Through the program, Google has released a new generative AI model called LearnLM. The role of this model is to help students learn. It will train students in conversation style. Now it is being tested as a model project in Google Classroom. It is said that it will help students to understand new ideas and learn new things.

quiz master

This feature is also related to education. According to Google, this feature can be used while watching educational videos on YouTube. With this, the user can play live answers about the video. This feature is said to be useful while watching educational videos in lectures, seminars or long. Google has already started rolling out this feature among some Android users in America.

A new update from Gemma Too

Google is also going to make a major update to its next generative AI model, Gemma Two. Google claims to have added 27 billion parameters to it. It is said that the updates on this model will be released in June. This model will be made to be able to run on the next generation GPU made by the chip manufacturer Nvidia.

Update on Google Play Store

Google is going to update many software in its app store Google Play. According to Google, it will be easier to find apps in the new update. Also, the app will be made easier to get new users. Similarly, Google will also improve the Google Play SDK console, Play Integrity API, etc., which are necessary for developers.

Spam call detection

Google is also going to bring a feature to automatically detect spam calls in Android phones. For this, Google will use the Gemini Nano AI model. This model is said to identify whether any call is spam or not based on the user's conversation. However, this feature will be optional rather than default. If the user wants, he has to turn on this feature manually.

ask photos

Ask Photos is another test of Google to do in AI. This feature will be operated by Gemini AI. According to Google, with this feature, users can easily search for any image in Google Photos. For this, it is said that the AI ​​will understand the content of the photo and other metadata. Users can ask AI to search for photos based on people, places, etc. Google is expected to release this feature after three/four months.

Gemini on Gmail

Now Gemini will do the work of preparing the summaries of emails received from Gmail, and preparing the text of emails. This will be possible on both web and app. Although the feature has been live for some time, it has not yet appeared in this app. Now it will also do some difficult tasks in Gmail.

Gemini 1.5 Pro

In its developer conference this time, Google was very focused on Gemini. At the same time, Google released the latest version of Gemini, Gemini 1.5 Pro. This model is the latest version of Gemini. It can analyze long documents and codebases, and work better than ever on video and audio. According to Google, this is the latest version of Gemini.

Gemini Live

Another feature coming to Gemini is Gemini Live. After this feature, people in Gemini can chat without interruption. Likewise, Gemini will recognize photos and videos taken through the phone's camera.

Gemini Nano

Google has not given much information about this. But it is said to be the smaller size of the Jimenai model. It will be used on Chrome desktop. It can be expected to have features like 'Help Me Write'.

Gemini on Android

Google is going to replace its voice assistant with Gemini. After this, Gemini will have access to the phone's operating system and Google apps. Due to this, the experience of using the phone can be expected to be better. For example, users can ask Gemini about any YouTube video.

Gemini on Google Maps

Keeping developers in mind, Google is going to integrate the Gemini model into Google Maps as well. After this, developers can use Gemini to write information about any place. It can be assumed that this will eliminate the need to write the description of the place by hand.

circle to search

Google is going to improve the feature of searching only when making a circle on any part of the screen. Google says that now it can solve various problems of mathematics and science. This feature, which has already been released in some phones, is said to help students do their homework.


This is the name of Google's text to video tool. It will compete with OpenAI's Sora. This tool can create a video clip equal to 1080 pixels. Users can create videos like cinematic style, landscape, timelapse etc.

project idx

Google's next generation development project is open to all developers in beta version. It will use AI to perform various development tasks. It has also integrated apps like Chrome Dev Tools, Light House.

imagine three

Google has announced the latest version of its Text to Image Image 3. According to Google, this tool is very powerful for creating photos. It has the ability to create realistic photos. Likewise, it can better understand prompts (written instructions) and create attractive photos.

AI in search

Google is going to integrate AI into its search engine. To beat its competitors, Google is going to improve the AI ​​in the search. Google will organize the search results under this, prepare a summary of the searched title. However, this feature has been released some time ago. But now Google says that it will be more organized.

Improvements to the tensor chip

Google has released the sixth generation of its Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). The company claims that it will be 4.7 times faster than the fifth generation Tensor chip. Google says that this chip will also strengthen the AI ​​experience.

firebase genkit

Google has released a new version of the Firebase platform called Firebase GenKit. Google says that it will help to create apps that integrate AI using JavaScript and Typescript. This open source framework is licensed under Apache 2.0. Because of this, developers can use it to create their own apps.

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