What to do if laptop is not on?

What to do if laptop is not on?

Sometimes the laptop may not be on for various reasons. Even during the time of the epidemic, a lot of work is being done from laptops, so such problems have been found to be increasing.

The laptop may not be running properly due to battery or power supply problems, broken internal hardware, viruses or malware, problems with the BIOS system, and corrupted Windows files. In this case, you can troubleshoot using some of the following procedures.

Check the power supply

Even when the laptop is plugged in, if no light comes on when the power button is pressed, the power supply may have to be changed. If the laptop does not work even after turning on the charged light, the cable may be damaged.

Remove if any USB storage is attached

Your computer may be trying to boot from the wrong drive. If this is the case, the user should change the boot order and put the hard disk first.

Power cycle your laptop

The computer must be completely unplugged from all external devices. Then hold down the power button for 15 to 20 seconds, which removes the remaining power. Then re-charge and try to see if the PC is running smoothly.

Remove the battery

If the laptop is not turned on even when the charging light is on, there may be some problem with the battery. If you have a removable battery, you can try to turn it on by removing it after a while. Otherwise a new battery may need to be inserted.

Booting into Windows Safe Mode

If the PC is not booted in Windows even after power on, try to start in safe mode. Programs can then be deleted by scanning for viruses.

Remove malware on your laptop

Viruses and malware may be freezing when starting a laptop. If so, you need to boot your PC into safe mode and use antivirus software.

Reset BIOS system

To reset the motherboard’s BIOS system, you need to clear the CMOS. The BIOS system is the first software to be run on a computer. Putting it in default mode can still solve the problem.

PC factory reset

If the PC is not working properly even though the power is on, you should do a factory reset. Factory resets will delete the files.


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