WhatsApp introduces a key-protected folder for enhanced chat privacy: Archive Chat

Chat lock facility is available in WhatsApp keeping in mind the user’s privacy. This secret folder can be used for private chats.


do you know Even before the chat was locked, a special folder for private chats was available in the chatting app WhatsApp.

Now users have got the facility of locked chat and archive feature in WhatsApp. Both features are used to hide chats. But both these features work separately from each other.

What is the chat lock feature?

With the Chat Lock feature, you can keep private conversations on WhatsApp in a secret folder. WhatsApp allows its users to lock chats with this feature.

What is the Archive Chat feature?

Along with the chat lock feature, along with the archived chat, the user will also get the facility of a separate folder. With Archive Chat, users can hide their private conversations. However, this folder cannot be locked.

Which folder to use when?

Both the features of WhatsApp can be used as per requirement. If you use WhatsApp for private chats, you can use Archive Chat. However, if your phone is used by a family member or friend, do not use this folder.

A safer way is to keep your most private chats in a locked folder. If your phone doesn’t fall into someone else’s hands, you can avoid the hassle of repeatedly unlocking the locked chat folder.

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