When robots started going to school instead of students…

Kathmandu. Now a video of a robot going to school to study instead of students is getting attention on social media. After a 7-year-old boy named Lenus from a school in Germany was diagnosed with a heart and lung disease, it is shown in the video that a robot is going to school instead of him.

However, after the Covid epidemic, the trend of taking online classes has increased globally. It is also a suitable option for those who do not have physical classes or want to study at a relatively low cost.

However, the 7-year-old boy found it difficult to participate in the online class. As a result, he resorted to robots to get the experience of physically going to class. “Initially, I was having a hard time with the robot going to school instead of me and wondering if I would say something wrong,” said the boy while talking to the local DW News, “because it was new to me.” Sometimes the connection was not good. But, after starting to read like that day after day, now it has become a habit.”

According to DW News, the robot will be placed on the student's bench. Then the robot is connected to the lens tablet in the house. He can control it from the tablet. You can turn the camera on the robot to the place you want from the trackpad. He can hear his friends and teachers talking and the voice he speaks comes out of the robot. It can be seen from the tablet that which part of the class he is trying to see.

Online classes are only for reading. You have to listen to the teacher. Only then can the student speak his mind. However, after using the robot, it became easier for those students to interact. His mother said that his son did not feel that he was alone in the room.

“He might not have enjoyed sitting alone and reading a book,” says his mother, “but this has made it easier for him to interact with friends, discuss with friends and do group work.”

Because Lenus is suffering from heart and lung disease, he cannot walk easily. His mother tells him that he is able to reach his class as there is no elevator in the school. Similarly, it is difficult for him to attend the physical class as he has to change classes separately for each subject.

The robot has not only helped those students to have an experience like going to the classroom and studying. Apart from that, it has helped him to mix with his friends and keep his things.

“Talking on Zoom doesn't feel like being there,” says the boy, “but with this robot, I feel like I'm with friends all the time.” It feels like I am studying with my friends.”

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