Which iPhone to buy? This is the latest price list in Nepali market

Kathmandu. Different brands of smartphones are available in the Nepali market. Under this, the Android smartphone market is huge.

On the other hand, the world famous brand Apple is also expanding its iPhone in the Nepali market. Recently, the company has provided various models of iPhone 15 series for Nepali consumers.

Also, iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 series models introduced in previous years are being sold.

In this context, we have presented the price list of various iPhone models available in Nepali market:​​

Source: Generation Next Communications Pvt
Model NameCapacityPrice (Rs.)
iPhone 11128GB75,900
iPhone 12128GB85,100
iPhone 13128GB95,000
iPhone 14128GB1,14,000
iPhone 15128GB1,35,200
iPhone 15256GB1,54,200
iPhone 15512GB1,91,900
iPhone 15 Plus128GB1,54,200
iPhone 15 Plus256GB1,73,000
iPhone 15 Plus512GB2,10,800
iPhone 15 Pro128GB1,76,500
iPhone 15 Pro256GB1,95,400
iPhone 15 Pro512GB2,33,200
iPhone 15 Pro1TB2,70,900
iPhone 15 Pro Max256GB2,14,300
iPhone 15 Pro Max512GB2,52,100
iPhone 15 Pro Max1TB2,89,900

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