Why has the net profit of Nepal Telecom decreased?


In the third quarter of the financial year 2079/80, the net profit of Nepal Telecom has decreased. According to the unrefined financial statement released by Telecom, compared to the last financial year 2078/79, the net profit of Telecom has decreased by 233371 thousand rupees.


Till the end of March of the current financial year, Telecom has earned 5 billion 41 crore 74 thousand net profit. Until March of the last financial year, Telecom had made a net profit of 5.43 billion 53 lakh 46 thousand.

For the decline in net profit, Telecom has attributed the increase in the use of data services, increased use of OTT services, reduction in domestic interconnection charges, changes in telecommunications regulations from the Economic Act 2079, damage to structures, changes in foreign exchange rates, etc.

Along with the net profit, there has also been a decrease in the total operation of the telecom. During the ninth month of the current financial year, the total operating income of Telecom is 27 billion 34 billion 66 lakh 47 thousand.

In the nine months of the last financial year, i.e. till the end of March 2078, the total operating income of the company was 28 billion 21 crore 96 lakh 12 thousand rupees.

Compared to the previous year, the current year’s operating income has decreased by 872.9 million 64 thousand. As the total operating income and net profit decreased, the total income of Nepal Telecom also increased.

The total income up to the period of nine months of the last year (2078 Chaitra Masanta) was 32 billion 53 crore 67 lakh 29 thousand, while in the same period of the current year (2079 Chaitra Masanta), the total income increased by 678 million 35 thousand and the total income was 33 billion 20 crore 85 lakhs. 65,000, according to Telecom.


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