Why is the clubhouse becoming popular?

Why is the clubhouse becoming popular?

Nowadays, a mobile app called Clubhouse is popular in various countries including Nepal. Clubhouse is a voice chatting app available on Android and iOS. It was first made public in the United States in March 2020.

Initially, the app was run only by enterprise capitalists, but since famous personalities like Musk and Bill Gates started running the app, the clubhouse has become popular.

This is a very popular app for doing voice only shows. People like Alan Max and Mark Zuckerberg have already given presentations in it. To use the clubhouse, you must invite someone who has already used the clubhouse.

The app has been downloaded over 8 million times on iOS and over 1 million times on Android. Clubhouse on Android was made public only a short time ago.

Experts say that the clubhouse is very suitable at the present time. Now that everyone has to work from home, everyone has to watch a lot on the screen and in such a case, the app that can be used without looking at the screen will definitely be popular.

Users are very interested in it as other things can be done using the clubhouse. Other things can be done by listening to the discussions taking place in the clubhouse on various topics.

Conversation on audio only

Clubhouse offers the opportunity to talk on a variety of topics, from sports to technology. It has no options for text messages or photos or videos. Nothing can be seen except the voice of the speaker and the profile photo of the participants.

As it is only audio, users have exchanged experiences that make the conversation even closer. Not being on camera has made it even more interesting for people to imagine.

Earlier, you had to buy expensive tickets to go to conferences, but because of the clubhouse, you can easily listen to the conferences.

Famous clubhouse in Nepal too

Clubhouse is becoming very popular in Nepal day by day. Clubhouse is especially attractive to the younger generation. Even though it is not easy to sign in, it is still attracting a lot of people.

Users are also doing various programs through this medium. Nowadays, users also spend a lot of time in clubhouses.

Users in Nepal are also discussing startups, entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking, business, technical and political issues in the clubhouse.

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