Why should you use dark mode and eye comfort mode, and how do they differ?

Have you found options like dark mode and eye comfort mode in phone quick settings? Are you using these mods? If not, turn on these settings using your smartphone. Both these settings on Android phones are very useful for smartphone users.


With eye comfort mode, the blue light of the phone changes to a yellow light. In this case, as soon as you turn on this mode, you may feel a sudden change in the viewing experience on the phone. It shows the display in colors that are easy for the eyes to see.

The Dark Mode setting on the phone changes your viewing experience just like the Eye Comfort Mode setting. As soon as this setting is enabled on the phone, the bright screen turns into a dark screen.

Both these settings are for different functions. Your eyes are taken care of with Eye Comfort mode. The blue light emitted from the phone harms the human eyes. Yellow light acts as a protective shield on the display to prevent eye damage.

Talking about the dark mode setting, using this mode can make the phone’s battery last longer. However, if you work on the phone for a long time with this mode, it will save your eyes as well as charge the phone.

Use display settings like this

First of all, you have to open the settings of the phone. Now you have to click on Display and Brightness.

Settings for eye comfort and dark mode are visible here. You can enable the toggle of both settings.

Moreover, both these display-related settings are also available in the phone’s Quick Settings on Android phones.

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