With the arrest of the agent of Onex Bet, which has a turnover of more than 2 billion, the police will also arrest the players

Kathmandu. An agent of the illegal betting platform OneX Bet has been arrested. The Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office held a press conference on Monday and made the youth public.

The arrested person is 24-year-old Anil Dhungana, who hails from Kavrepalanchok Mandandeupur and is currently living in Bhaktapur Suryavinayak. Since 2019, he has transacted more than two billion and one million rupees during illegal online betting, according to the preliminary investigation of the police.

Agent arrested with the help of two numbers

The cyber pillar of the office received a notification from a source about three months ago. “We received information that two Ota numbers are being used more in ONEX Bet,” said an investigation officer while talking to Tekpana, “We went to find out where the same numbers are connected. At the same time, the fake number was found.”

While tracing that number, the police discovered that it was linked to various banks and wallets. Then the analysis of those bank accounts began. “It took us three months to investigate all this,” said the investigating officer, “and it appears that its network could be even bigger.”

Looking at the number and the various details of the arrest of the accused Dhungana, it appears that he has opened 56 bank accounts, 15 wallets and two Binance accounts in a period of four years. During that period, the police found evidence of transactions of 51 crore 64 lakh 59 thousand 120 rupees from the bank, 5 crore 93 thousand 782 rupees from the wallet and 1 billion 34 crore 52 lakh 91 thousand 200 rupees from Binance. It is said that he will get seven percent commission from this.

Dhungana had linked 55 bank accounts using 11 Connect IPSs in the names of different people to carry out such transactions. He did transactions of more than 48 crores only from banks linked to Connect IPS.

The cost of citizenship for common people is around 2000

In this way, the accused Dhungana used the citizenship and other sensitive details of common people to use in illegal activities, according to the police. “I want your citizenship for two days, if I say I will give you 2000 in return, whoever is ready to give it,” said the investigating officer further, “It seems that most of the common people have taken citizenship by luring them with stones.”

In this way, the office said that by summoning the common people who have misused the documents, a case will be tried against Dhungana on the charge of misusing the documents. Similarly, it has been seen from the preliminary investigation of the police that he issued more than 35 SIM cards using that citizenship.

Inspired to gamble by opening a betting Facebook page

According to the police, the accused Dhungana is the owner of a Facebook page called Juwa 365. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sanuram Bhattarai, head of the office, said that he posted gambling-related posts on that page and encouraged people to gamble.

According to him, the accused Dhungana used to lure common people who joined the Facebook page by saying that Juwa 365 domain website was his own. And used to collect money. He used to contact him on WhatsApp from the number (+1 (747) 226 4430) placed on the same Facebook page. Apart from that, he also provided a link to earn more than 50 percent by becoming an agent. On that page, which has more than 14,000 followers, Dhunga used to advertise the platform as Nepal's first automated gambling platform.

Binance to send funds out

During the analysis of Dhungana's transactions during four years, the researchers said that although some percentage of money was circulated in the country, most of the money went abroad. “So far, two accounts have been opened in Binance and 243 types of cryptocurrencies have been traded,” said the research officer, “looking at the transactions, it seems that there are more than 1 billion 34 million.”

Investigative officer said that Binance is used more in such illegal activities as credit can be done in Onex Bet with crypto. He says that those who do not know how to use Binance, they make them send money to agents.

Not only Binance, Dhungana used to do business with Pioneer card as well. The police recovered 24 Pioneer cards in the names of different people from him. Such card currency is used to transact in Euro, GBP, CAD, USDT etc.

Operation under new name when website is closed

According to the police, even though most of the betting platforms that are considered illegal in Nepal have been closed down, they are operating under new names. Speaking at the press conference of the office held on Sunday, Police Inspector Rajesh Maharjan said that even if such platforms are closed, they will continue to operate under new names. “We asked the NTA to shut down the website,” said police inspector Maharjan, “but soon it will be operational under a new name.”

Indian Aadhaar card to withdraw funds

The police recovered Indian Aadhaar card, PAN card, Delhi Metro card, Indian HDFC Bank check book and ATM card and Airtel SIM card from Dhungana. According to police sources, preliminary investigations have revealed that he used an Indian bank as a means to withdraw money deposited in various banks of Nepal. He changed his name to Anil Shah and took those cards.

Police looking for OneX Bet users

SSP Bhattarai, head of the office, said that in the next phase, preparations are being made to arrest those who gamble from platforms such as ONEX Bet. “Now we are analyzing the network of agents,” SSP Bhattarai further said, “Now we are preparing to arrest those who are playing.”

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