Within 43 days of its launch, Xiaomi distributed 10,000 electric vehicles

Kathmandu. Xiaomi has delivered 10,000 units of its first electric vehicle 'SUV Seven'. In a post on the social network Wibo on Wednesday, the company has informed that the vehicle has crossed this milestone on the 43rd day after its launch.

The smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi launched the much-awaited SUV Seven on March 28. After that, the company started delivering cars from 3rd April.

“We are continuing to increase our production capacity to ensure that we meet our one lakh unit delivery target for this year,” the company wrote in the post.

The company started distribution of Founder Edition from 3rd April. The company had built a total of five thousand units under that edition. After that, from 18 April, the company started delivery of SUV Seven customized vehicles.

During the month of April, the company delivered seven thousand 58 units. During that period, the company claimed to have received orders of 88,063 units. On the day SUV Seven was announced, Lei Jun, the founder and CEO of the company, expected to deliver 10,000 units by June.

According to local media Wall StreetCN, the customer who ordered the Xiaomi EV had to wait more than 30 weeks from the date of ordering to get the vehicle. Due to high demand, the company has requested its upstream suppliers to increase the availability of various parts.

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