Worldlink’s revenue is about 8 billion in a year

Worldlink, Nepal’s largest internet service provider company, has earned around 8 billion rupees in 2021.

According to the recently published report by Care Rating Nepal, it has earned 7 billion 954 million rupees in 2021.

Out of this income, Worldlink has received 41 percent from retail customers and 7 percent from corporate customers. Worldlink has increased its income in 2021 over 2020. In 2020, it will be 6 billion 545 million, and in 2021, it has earned almost 8 billion.

Worldlink has earned 6 billion 724 million rupees in the ninth month of 2022. Established 26 years ago, Worldlink has a 31 percent market share.

According to the MIS report of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, there are 630,296 customers of Worldlink as of April. Only Worldlink has been consuming 40 percent of the total bandwidth within Nepal.

Worldlink has established 140 branches in more than 70 districts and has connected Internet to more than 10,000 offices. The company has extended 13,646 km of fiber so far.

Worldlink has established a network in 140 locations in 2022 and plans to establish a network in 120 locations in 2023. In 2019, UK’s CDC Group invested 12 million US dollars in Worldlink.

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