Yama Bahadur Saru of Palpa rears bangur with the help of internet

3 July, Palpa. Yam Bahadur Saru of Hosdi located in Palpa Rampur Municipality (10) is currently spending his daily life in raising and selling Bangur seedlings.


After returning to the village from working abroad for five years, he chose the business of beekeeping. He says that Saru, who was looking for various professions and businesses, spent his free time studying on the Internet and finally chose the pig farming business as a means of earning his income.

“You don’t have to get formal education to do business, there is the facility of internet, you can get information about everything you are looking for, the business started by looking at the internet is doing well now, I am satisfied with it”, he says.

36-year-old Saru, who studied up to class 7, started the business by watching it on the internet without taking any training. He says that he chose this business because the demand for bangur in the market is increasing and he can benefit a lot from teaching.

He says that Saru, who started his business with three bangurs, enjoys his domestic earnings more than foreign earnings.

Saru says that he is happy to be able to do business with his family. His wife Yamamaya Saru has been supporting him in this business.

The husband and wife are enthusiastically involved in beekeeping. Currently, there are 14 crows growing up in his farm with four mice.

Saru’s daily life is currently spent under the supervision of Bangur. Bangur’s produce produced at home is sold at various places in the neighboring district of Syangja.

Saru says that one lesson is being sold at Rs 5,500. He sells more than 150 books in a year. Saru says that he earns five lakh rupees annually from this business.

“It is more beneficial to sell small pups (50 to 60 days old) than to raise and grow a piglet and sell it for meat,” he says.

Rampur Municipality has started rearing Bangur commercially after being selected for the interest subsidy program under the Youth Self-Employment Program. He said that the interest subsidy of Rs. 6 lakh for two years with the help of the municipality has greatly helped the business.

He says that the interest subsidy program is very good for those who do some business in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. “When the government of Rampur city was in trouble due to lack of means of investment for doing business, after providing an interest subsidy of Rs. 6 lakh for two years, Bangur farming has been started. This program has given us youth more courage”, he says.

His wife and three children have been well taken care of by this business. The target is to reach 12 Maui. Nowadays, everyone has access to the Internet at home.

Everyone is using a smart mobile phone in their hands. By adopting the increasing information technology and researching new things, different businesses and enterprises can be done in the society like Yama Bahadur Saru.

The internet is not only a means of entertainment and spending time, but the interest of the youth is increasing in making it a means of income generation through various businesses, professions and enterprises in the society by studying and researching it.

Saru has set an example in the society that you don’t have to wait for any profession, business training, seminar, you can run a business by researching the necessary things from the internet.

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