Yatri making a cheap electric bike in Nepal, pre-orders will be opened in the next few months

Kathmandu. Yatri Motorcycles, a company that manufactures electric motorcycles in Nepal, is going to bring a cheap model of electric bikes. The company has started preparations to introduce P One Gen 2 as a refined and modified version of the commercial model P One which was previously introduced in the market.

Sujan Tamrakar, the technology director of the company, in a conversation with Tekpana, also informed that the pre-order of the new model will be opened in the next two to three months. Yatri, which started producing electric motorcycles with the flagship model P Zero, introduced the P One as a commercial model.

After the commercial sale started, not only the company faced the number plate shortage, but also the rider had to face many difficulties. They were also deprived of registering at the transport office without a number plate and getting a blue book.

As the number plate was not provided to the owners of passenger motorcycles, the production of passengers was stopped for almost a year and the expansion of the market came to a standstill. After a long debate and pressure, the way for passenger bike registration was opened after the Transport Management Department amended the Transport Management Procedures Guideline 2060 in April last year.

Tamrakar said that after the issue of number plate has been resolved, the price of the bike is another challenge for them. “We are currently working on the P One Gen 2 model with the aim of bringing it to the general public,” he told , “which will be a cost-effective model.”

According to him, P One Gen 2 will have the same power and performance as the previous P One in the market. It is about to start the production of a new model in order to make it available in the market at a cheap and competitive price by removing the least important features so that there is no difference in the riding experience. The company said that the production of P One Gen 2 will start soon.

The company's premium bike P Zero was priced at Rs 19 lakh 49 thousand, while P One was brought to the market with a price of Rs 4 lakh 95 thousand.

The Yatri P Zero model motorbike can travel 230 kilometers on a single charge. This bike can reach a speed of 60 km per hour in 2.5 seconds and can run at a maximum speed of 140 km per hour.

Similarly, the passenger P One motorcycle can travel up to 120 km on a single charge. High charge and high discharge rapid charge technology is included in passenger motorcycles equipped with lithium ion batteries. From which the motorcycle is fully charged in 2 hours.

Apart from this, the bike also has the facility of onboard charger. This means no hassle of carrying a separate charger. The bike equipped with 4G internet connectivity also has its own navigation system.

With this, you can track the charge even when you are away from the bike. The top-up of data required for SIM and connectivity for 4G is done by the company itself.

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