You can now not only read the book but also listen to it from

You can now not only read the book but also listen to it from

Over the past two-and-a-half years, many dot coms that have been promoting book availability by linking books to technology have developed readable ebooks as well as audio books. Such books can be purchased and listened to at low prices from the website of and the mobile app called Many.

In the past, listening books were available on CD, radio, YouTube, etc., but there was no way for publishers, writers and readers to officially market their work.

The company believes that the concept of an actual audiobook (audiobook) started by will prove to be a cornerstone for the promotion of audiobooks in Nepal.

Many dot com started ebook service in the previous lockdown, which started from online order delivery service.

This time, ‘Many’ has added the facility to publish and buy books that can be heard on their website and app. It will ensure the copyright and financial rights of all authors, publishers and readers, and will also be a convenient medium for readers.

According to the company, audiobooks are sure to be a strong part of the future reading culture. The audiobook will be suitable for those who do not have time to read a book due to their busy schedule. Audiobooks are cheaper than buying printed books and can be listened to instantly with online purchases.

Audio books can be listened to comfortably using the time, whether on the way to the office or on the go, while driving or traveling by bus.

The audiobook is equally convenient for those who are busy with household chores or exercise. Audiobooks can also be a suitable option for the visually impaired and those with eye problems.

Audiobooks can also be a great medium for immigrant Nepalis who can speak and understand Nepali but cannot read and write Nepali.

Some books have been prepared initially as audiobooks. Authors like Madhav Prasad Ghimire, Ishwar Vallabh, Dinesh Adhikari, Durgalal Shrestha, Bairagi Kainla, Tulsi Divas, Toya Gurung, Rajendra Shalabh, Vishnu Vibhu Ghimire, Shyamal, Sujeev Shakya and Jeevan Kumar Prasai have recited their works in their own voices.

Famous works of Siddicharan Shrestha, Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala, Ramesh Vikal, Diamanshamsher Rana, Narayan Wagle, Jiva Lamichhane, Lansing Bangdel, Dubasu Chhetri and Ganesh Rai are also available in the voices of famous radio workers Khagendra Nepali and Achyut Ghimire.

Many have started this service in collaboration with Nepali, Drishya, Kathalaya, Kitab Publishers, Sangrila Books, Phoenix Books, Bulbul Publications, Akshar Creation and other publishing houses.

Dipesh Acharya, co-founder of ‘Dhukrai’, said that there is a plan to add new audiobooks continuously to further this collaboration. He informed that at present it is around Rs 100 per audiobook.

Readers in Nepal will be able to purchase audiobooks through local online payment services or online banking, while readers abroad will also be able to purchase through various international payment systems.

The audiobook purchased in this way can be heard from your smartphone or computer. Audiobooks can also be heard on your vehicle via Bluetooth or Android Auto during the trip.

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