You can now send free money to any cooperative from your pocket

You can now send free money to any cooperative from your pocket

From the pocket digital wallet, money can now be sent to the account of any cooperative for free.

Khalti has launched an attractive service for all customers to send free money to more than 400 cooperative accounts available in Khalti.

Under this service, users will be able to send or deposit up to Rs 25,000 each time and up to Rs 1 lakh per day free of cost from their pocket to their cooperative account.

Similarly, up to 10 times or up to Rs 150,000 per month can be transferred from pocket to any cooperative account without any service charge.

Khalti also said that this offer will be applicable for users, pocket shops and agents who have verified their pocket KYC.

New customers can also participate in the attractive offer by downloading the Khalti app and verifying Khalti KYC.

Ronika Shrestha, a senior official at Khalti Social Media and Content Marketing, said that customers can save invaluable time by depositing money from their pockets at home or paying off cooperative loans.


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