You have to climb a tree to call Rolpa hill

You have to climb a tree to call Rolpa hill

Everyone’s election slogan was ‘reliable telephone service’. After climbing the hill for hours and calling from the hill, they were not only attracted by the slogan, but also won the people’s representatives by casting their votes.

The people’s representatives, who have been confused in the process for a few years, have been working for the ministry for reliable telephone service in the slums.

Even three years after the tower was erected, users have been plagued by a lack of reliable telephone service. Although the service is comfortable when the sky is clear, they complain that the network does not work when the mountains are covered with fog during the rainy season.

Manoj Budhamgar of Gaunpalika-6 Iriwang said that the network will stop working when it starts raining clouds, fog and rain.

Locals, who have replaced the traditional communication system of calling, posting and exchanging letters with the launch of telephone service, have been facing problems in exchanging news due to long-term malfunction in telephone.

“Sometimes it is difficult to report work, illness and death,” said Suryaprakash Budha of the same village. “I don’t know how long it will take to solve this problem,” he said.

Parivartan, Gangadev and Madi villages in the northwestern part of the district have this problem to a greater extent. Local level elections are not reliable even if towers are built in Madi Municipality’s Ward No. 5 Bhavang, Ward No. 3 Talabang, Parivartan Municipality-2 Rangsi, Ward No. 5 Rankot and Thawang Municipality-2.

The tower at Ratamata of Rank in Ward No. 6 of Gangadev Municipality is considered to be the largest capacity tower in western Nepal. As other towers of Nepal Telecom are connected to the tower, the towers elsewhere stop working as soon as there is a problem.

“As soon as there is a problem in Ratamata tower, most of the towers in the northwestern region will not work,” said Hari Prasad Gharti, ward chairman of Parivartan-2. Prakash Punmagar, a local, complained that the old problem of calling by climbing the hill for hours was repeated.

“As per the election commitment, the tower was set up but the network could not come,” he said.

The main problem is power supply, said Tara Dal Wali, a local employee of Nepal Telecom. “As the towers are powered by solar energy, there is a problem when there is no electricity in the batteries during rainy, foggy and cloudy seasons, and dilapidated batteries are forced to run NTC and Sky towers,” he said.

It is said that 15 kilowatts of electricity is required to fully operate the tower. The locals complained that the local government has not listened to their repeated initiatives for power management. रासस


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