Adolescence Suicide – Laissez-faire Flying Part-6

“Adolescence age is considered as the basic guiding dynamism of a society,

if teenagers sparkled well, the society prospers; otherwise doomed and ruined”

My dear Ezine readers, once again I have shifted my focus from initially highlighted basic issues to in-depth study of teenagers’ character as a whole and try to analyse to why a teenager commits suicide at all? I hope to concentrate my efforts through dedicated Teenagers Ezine Suicide Prevention Awareness Program0f 2007 (TESPAP-007) to prevent teenager’s suicides through series of articles. I was pained to read that the year 2007 has already recorded the first incidence of teenager’s suicide in Bangalore, India. How many might have gone unnoticed is a very serious lapse on the world electronic and print media to unearth?

While interacting with a fun loving, carefree and cheerful group of teenagers, I have learnt that what is obviously visible in such teenagers is not the reality but the truth still remained obscured from parents, teachers and friends as well. I have found that a very gentle, respectful and optimistic looking teenager has actually turned out to be a real drug trafficker. Isn’t it, the murder of parent’s faith in a society? Of course yes! But how a teenager could manage to have gone unnoticed from his parent, teacher and most of his colleagues? Today, I would also concentrate on one such aspect which has repeatedly stung our teenagers from time immortal. As most of the teenagers get bewitched with the Stress of Exam-o-Mania (SEM) phenomenon through out their age profile of 13 to 17 years, I have observed that a few who otherwise are liberal type do well.

What is behind the Laissez-faire Flying attitude of a teenager is infact the sign of an alarming development, which requires to be closely monitored? I would bring out a few attributes of such teenagers;

oOne; Keep time schedule of your teenager with in manageable limits. Parents must know as to what their teenagers are doing after school hours and teenagers should also otherwise keep their parents informed. It is a two way process of sharing information and not one way trafficking of spying buy parents. Similarly, teachers should also take their students in confidence and try to remain in touch with individual student of their classes. Remembers that faith and confidence is the key of rightful way of growing.

oTwo; Do not let your teen take liberty of loitering out for long hours without reasons. I generally termed it the Road Side Inspectors (RSI). A teenager only resolves to such wastage of time when there is something drastically wrong with his daily schedule. Parent should get alarmed if their teens behave alike. Especially, boys do often get embroiled in such activities and cause severe management problems for parents at home.

oThird; Laissez-faire soaring teens often perform well in studies and also get easily trapped in wrong hands. They are both ways sensitive and courageous. They often frequently fall pray and victim to unscrupulous people’s created opportune circumstances. I remember, my husband would often say about a story of his teen. He said that when he was in teen and part of one such group, one of a local politician would always volunteer to assist the group at nip of bud and exhibit very friendly, compassionate and sympatric behavior towards them. The politician would often offer his group a free leisure and fun trip to Nepal in his own bus or car. As a student what is required to such teens. In one such trip, my husband realized that number plates of the car have been changed. The small thin tin sheets plates were replaced with heavy thick and double sized number blocks. On stealthily scratching fresh paint from one such plate, they realized that it was Gold; and their group was in fact unintentionally carrying out gold smuggling for the politicians. Though they drove the car directly into a police station; but as usual; all were in league and Police not only replaced the plates themselves to check but also immediately released the car, saying it was all brass. Out of the group three boys had to end their lives after getting totally committed in crimes. Had he continued with the group I would have not been fighting to save my teenagers today?

oFourth; another important aspect which needs direct intervention of parent is the finance management of your teenager after crossing the age of 15. There is no harm in checking your teen expenditure and glittering life style. If parents observe any change in their teen’s life style; please immediately investigate to check his capability to expend from out of his reach. Often; you would find such teen boys have either taken up chain snatchings, small robberies or highway side day lootings. Now a day, a few girls have also joined such groups generally nick named by me is Adolescence Hilarious and Chivalrous Age (AHCA). I consider that every teen passes through AHCA in the age group of 15 to 17 years.

oFifth; most important aspect which requires personal attention of parent is monitoring the behavior of your teens at AHCA. Generally teachers do get indications but they do not worry about such teenager’s career because such students often remain soar eyes to most of the teachers. I recommend that slightest change in your teenager’s behavior must alert parent to look for a possible cause. Such teens would generally reflect:

  • Very pleasant obvious behavior;
  • Apologias tendency at slightest error pretext, such as excuse me, I am sorry, will not repeat blab, blab and so on;
  • Remains aloof and isolated at home but very jolly outside;
  • Avoid direct facing father and look aside while talking to mother also;
  • Often brags with his/her younger siblings;
  • Never completes his homework in time and hide answer sheets from parent;
  • Very allergic of touching his/her school bag or clothe by others. He tries to show that he is taking care of his clothes but infact to hide his intention he removes various suspicious proofs which might have been inadvertently left;
  • Roams around house as RSI walker;
  • Often goes out with such friends when father is not at home; and
  • Exhibit timid and bold both symptoms simultaneously to keep his secret guarded.
  • After analyzing Laissez-faire Flying teenager’s traits, I would suggest to take

    preventive measures to thwart your teenagers from committing suicide. You have to win your teen’s confidence and make him believe that you know his mind so that he could return to respectable life. I have very frequently seen such teens committing from common to very grave and serious crimes including murders to satisfy their urge but when some adolescence find themselves trapped, they would commit suicide. At an average in Western countries over 75% teenagers have accepted to have committed crime to live Laissez-faire Flying life. The above percentage may vary from one place or country to other, but it can only increase. I would dwell further on Laissez-faire Flying in next article with a few examples as to how teenagers have really become known criminals without knowledge of their parents or teachers or anybody else, other than Police.

    Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

    Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is the owner of RabinsXP who is constantly working for increasing the Internet of Things (IoT) in Nepal. He also builds android apps and crafts beautiful websites. He is also working with various social services. The main aim of Lamichhane is to digitally empower the citizens of Nepal and make the world spiritually sound better both in terms of technology and personal development. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal.

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