Millionaire Wheel Of Life – Are You Living Fully In All Areas Of Your Life?

If I aim to have a net worth of at least one million dollars, it is an excellent analogy for me to think of my entire life like a wheel. My life can be divided into ten individual yet inter-related areas, within which I need to establish fierce objectives if I am to attain huge financial success.

Each of the ten areas of my life is a separate spoke within the wheel. Depending upon how successful my life is in any one area, this will determine how long and solid that particular spoke is. An ideal, harmonious life will result in a round fully inflated wheel with ten complete spokes. Fully inflated is the full ten marks out of ten for each area of my life.

These ten areas of my life are:

1. Physical

2. Financial

3. Business

4. Career

5. Mental

6. Social

7. Spiritual

8. Family

9. Material

10. Adventure

Once each area has been identified and analyzed, it is imperative to start thinking about what objectives I hold for my life within each area. It is the achievement of my aspirations that will fill me with a dynamic sense of growth, and drive me forward to a magnificent and compelling future. Following are examples of goals that can be placed within the realm of each area, both short-term and long-range.

1. Physical

This area encompasses my health and wellbeing, my fitness and stamina, my body and my looks, and everything to do with my physical condition and state of wellness.

 Stop smoking immediately

 Achieve the weight of 160 lbs by July 1

 Run the London Marathon in less than four hours

 Be healthy and dynamic at one hundred years of age

2. Financial

Included in this area is everything to do with money and income as it relates to my life. Earnings, savings, investments, stocks, bonds, accumulated wealth and financial freedom are all facets within the realm of the financial area of my life. What levels of financial abundance do I desire to achieve?

 Invest $10,000 in the NYSE this year

 Seek an annual fifty percent total income increase

 Save ten percent of my earnings in a special account

 Accumulate one million dollars net worth by age fifty-five

3. Business

The business area is best defined as my financial vehicle for a lifetime income, as opposed to a career that is basically a day’s work for a day’s pay. If I am self-employed, my own business is the vehicle within which I have my career. Do I desire to be a tycoon, running a global empire? What are my grandest business aims?

 Develop a business that positively benefits mankind

 Set up a fully equipped professional office in my home

 Establish my own multi-million-dollar global business empire

 Arrange a corporate partnership with a Japanese conglomerate

4. Career

My career is what I do for a day-to-day income. A career can be a job for a day or a profession for a lifetime. If I am self-employed, my career is the occupation I have within my own business. What is the dream career that ignites my fires of desire?

 Become the Managing Director for this company

 Reach an annual income level of US$250,000 per year

 Be the #1 sales person for my company during this decade

 Author a series of best-selling empowerment books for children

5. Mental

My mental area relates to every activity involved with my mind. It concerns my mental state of being and my emotional welfare. All learning, studying, attitudes, skills, intelligence, knowledge and emotions are found within this very important area of my life.

 Earn a university degree in psychology

 Learn to speak and write fluent Portuguese

 Strengthen my mind until I gain entry into Mensa

 Read one hundred personal achievement books this year

6. Social

The social area includes many of the recreational activities and pastimes related to society. Playing golf, as an example, whilst it can be an adventure, is a social activity because it involves an informal gathering of people and revolves around the golf course and social clubhouse. Most hobbies and amateur activities are socially related.

 Become President of the local Rotary Club

 Shoot eighteen holes of golf in under eighty strokes

 Organize a twenty-five-year school reunion party for July

 Play the lead role in the amateur drama annual pantomime

7. Spiritual

This area concerns itself with church and charitable matters. The spiritual area centers on what I can personally contribute to the good of humanity and society. It revolves around the improvement of the world in general. With wholehearted purpose, I can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

 Attend church every week during this year

 Tithe ten percent of my total income to charity

 Organize a sponsored litter clean-up in my neighborhood

 Establish a worldwide charitable foundation for abused women

8. Family

The area of family, simply stated, as it relates to me, encompasses all of the circumstances, events, happenings and relationships within my immediate family, extended family and all my relatives, now and in the future.

 Treat my wife to a second honeymoon in Japan

 Send my three children to study at university in Europe

 Develop special relationships with all close family members

 Spend every Sunday this year playing sports with my children

9. Material

All the possessions I could possibly imagine owning are included within this area. Material comprises all assets and belongings, not including monetary wealth. The likes of cars, houses, boats, jewelry, furniture, electronics, clothes and sporting equipment all count here.

 Own a deluxe 40-foot catamaran and name it ‘Top Cat’

 Purchase a one-carat diamond bracelet for my lovely wife

 Live in a seven-bedroom luxury villa overlooking the ocean

 Give an ocean-cruise to my parents for their anniversary gift

10. Adventure

This area encompasses all of the exciting activities and daring undertakings I have ever dared dream for my life. Most fun objectives and unusual pursuits are included within this area of adventure. Travel and vacations, especially, are included here.

 Learn to scuba dive in the Red Sea

 Hike in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal

 Go white water rapid rafting through the Grand Canyon

 Travel to Europe this summer and ride on the Orient Express

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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