Puerto Madryn: A Top Patagonia Attraction

Patagonia is a large area, encompassing parts of both Argentina and Chile. There is so much to see there, especially for wildlife and adventure lovers, it can be really difficult to decide where you want to go. As with any vacation, it is going to depend on your particular interests. There are many great choices within the Argentine part of Patagonia, but one of the best is Puerto Madryn.

Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is considered to be Argentina’s Diving Capital and there are a number of tours that you can take to go scuba diving. A particularly special one takes you diving among the sea lions where they are comfortable interacting with humans. Dolphins and whales also often participate.

There are some spots that are perfect for people just learning to dive. If you are interested in getting your certification, this is a great place to do it. If you already have some experience, there are many available courses including recreation types of courses, professional courses and even specialist courses such as night diving and search and recovery.

The city is popular as a summer resort type of place. There are all levels of places to stay, including some short-term rental, well-appointed and fully furnished apartments. In addition to diving, you can also engage in mountain biking, windsurfing and just basking on the beach. If whale watching is your thing, they can often be seen right from the beach between June and December.

For many tourists, the real reason to go to Puerto Madryn is to spend time in the nearby Peninsula Valdes. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers fantastic opportunities for wildlife viewing. Although there are many bird species here, the biggest draw are the killer whales, elephant seals and sea lions. To get the best experience here, it can be helpful to rent a car which will allow you to get to more spots on the peninsula.

Another good driving tour is to rent a 4WD jeep and head to Mount Avanzado, around 10 miles from the city. The landscapes are incredible and you can also see many animals right near the road including hares, guanacos, foxes, many species of birds and more. Driving along the sand dunes is an adventure, so be sure you’re ready for some intense driving.

About 120 miles south of the town lies Punta Tombo where you will find the largest continental Penguin rookery in all of South America. Within this area there are more than 200,000 breeding pairs of Magellan Penguins.

The best time to go will depend on what interests you the most. There isn’t much rainfall at any time of year but summer can be quite hot during the day while in winter the temperatures drop. You can experience good diving all throughout the year. For wildlife, you might consider springtime, such as October, when animals such as penguins are returning to the area. It’s always a good idea to check the specific habits of the animals you are most interested in so that you arrive at the ideal time.

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