Things to Consider While Shipping Cars to Australia

If you are planning of shipping cars overseas, it is extremely important that you make proper planning and get proper knowledge about the auto shipping norms of the particular country where you are importing your car. Particularly, for shipping cars to Australia, you should be conscious about learning the possible norms and the related issues. You should be prepared with the possible problems that could occur while your car arrives in Australia. If you are aware about the formalities before the shipping of the car takes place, it gives you a relief and a complete peace of mind. There are certain vital things that you should know such as the cost associated with the move, the taxes that you need to pay, driving rules, local standards, etc.

What type of costs you need to incur for shipping cars to Australia? The cost is quite basic and many nations charge these costs for shipping cars overseas. These costs include transportation charges, charge for territory or state registration needs, costs for entry processing, charges of insurance and freight, custom duties, etc.

Things you should know for importing the vehicle- Vehicle Import Approval is a must when you import a car in Australia. The Vehicle Safety Standards Branch of the Department of Transport and Regional Services secure the Vehicle Import Approval. This is a long process and may require a period of around three weeks. Therefore, you should not wait for your car to reach Australia and then start with the proceedings; rather you have to start with the process much earlier. If Vehicle Import Approval is not done, then you have to pay a Special duty of $12,000. If your car was once exported out of Australia and now you are bringing it back, then you are exempted from this rule of the Vehicle Import Approval.

Remember that you can drive freely and safely in the nation only when you have successfully completed the norms of customs, Goods and Service Tax, Luxury Car tax (if applicable) and the associated quarantined and registered works. You must get a valid insurance and hence you need to apply for it before you drive the car in the nation.

If you consider these things prior to your car’s import to Australia, then the entire process will be smoother.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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