Unique and Exciting Destination Wedding Venues

If you feel like getting out of your home town to get hitched, and you’re averse to Las Vegas, you’ll be looking at all kinds of wedding venues. Whether you and your partner are the adventurous, outdoors or romantic type, there are plenty of fun destinations to choose from. Below are a few examples of exciting wedding venues located around the United States.

Get Married Underground

The Ozark Caves of Missouri are a truly unique and exciting wedding venue. Take your vows among rows of stalactites and glowing rocks. The cave is beautifully lit with gold lights that emulate an underground cathedral. Couples have traveled from all over the country to tie the knot in these unique and breathtaking caves.

Get Married on a Glacier

For a more daring and adventurous wedding venue, consider getting married on a glacier. Pearson’s Pond outside of Juneau Alaska offers ceremonies on a glacier reached by helicopter. Brides who marry on this glacier protect themselves from the cold with glamorous flowing white capes and white fur hats. The opposite of the destination beach wedding, this venue is sure to leave your guests breathless. The service also provides each guest with specialized footwear to prevent slips and falls.

Get Married Up In the Air

Some couples choose to say “I do” without their feet planted on the ground, literally. Nothing could be more romantic and exciting then getting hitched in a hot air balloon high above the ground. The Rise and Shine festival in Albuquerque New Mexico offers couples the chance to get married as they float upwards. Some balloon baskets can hold up to twelve people, so you don’t have to leave the bridal party behind. However if heights aren’t for you, the scenery could still make a magnificent backdrop for your ceremony.

Get Married Overlooking a Cliff

Spectacular scenery makes a great backdrop for your ceremony. While the Grand Canyon might seem like an obvious choice, consider a Gondola or cable car to take you and your party to a mountain’s peak. The air is clear up high and the views are unmatchable. Lake Tahoe offers ceremony and reception areas for their unique and spectacular setting. If you’re looking for something more tropical, consider a volcano peak on one of the Hawaiian islands.

Get Hitched in a Museum

Choosing to marry in a museum opens you up to a world of different locations. While these venues may require some more research, it’s sure to be worth the effort. Pick something that’s close to your and your significant other’s heart, whether its painting, natural history or modern art. What could be more exciting than dining under a giant blue whale, or kissing by the T-rex skeleton in the Natural History Museum?

Whether you’re floating high in a hot air balloon or clutching your partner tight on a chilly glacier, destination weddings are always memorable. Make sure to discuss with your significant other what’s important to the both of you and research venues according to your common interests.

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