Yatri Bikes Price in Nepal [June 2021 Update]

Yatri Bikes is the latest electric motorcycles, both designed and assembled in Nepal.

Yatri Bikes Price in Nepal

Yatri, the authorized makers of Yatri bikes in Nepal, is currently offering two Nepali-made electric motorcycles: Project Zero and Project One.

In hopes to reinvent urban mobility, both eBikes offer style, performance, and premium features.

Comparing with its lineup, Yatri Project One is the most affordable Yatri e-Bike in Nepal. Whereas, Yatri Project Zero is the most expensive Yatri electric bike in Nepal.

If you are looking to buy a Yatri electric bike, then let’s take a look at the Yatri bike price in Nepal along with its key specifications.

Yatri Bikes Price in Nepal

Yatri Project Zero

Let’s start the list with the highly ambitious dream in Nepal: Project Zero.

Yatri Project Zero price nepalYatri Project Zero

Yatri Project Zero is powered by an electric powertrain with high performance at low operating costs. The electric motor will generate a max power of 64HP (48kW) and a max torque of 120Nm at the shaft (650Nm at wheel).

Project Zero maxes out in the premium department, coming in with the most premium list of features.

Yatri Project Zero Feature Highlights

  • Cafe Racer Design with Modern Elements
  • LED Lighting System
  • Fully Electric with Zero Carbon Emission
  • Steel Chassis with Carbon Fiber Body
  • 64HP Peak Power
  • 200Km Range
  • 2 Hours Charging Time
  • 7-inch Full HD Display Console with Navigation
  • Yatri Hub with Real-Time Ride Telemetry
  • Over-the-Air Updates
  • 4G Connectivity with Anti-Theft GPS

Yatri Project Zero price in Nepal is Rs. 19,49,000.

The overall pricing is more than what any one of us was originally expecting. Yatri does go out of the way to justify the pricing with premium components and features.

If the included features are worth it or not, only time will tell.

Talking about the competition, there are none right now.

But Yatri Project Zero can be compared against the Indian Ultravoilette F77, especially after taking price under consideration.

Like P0, F77 also promises to be a game-changer for e-mobility.

Yatri Project Zero Specifications

  • Battery: 8.0 kWh
  • Peak Power: 46 kW (64HP)
  • Peak Torque: 120 Nm at shaft (650 Nm at wheel)
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Range: 230 Km
  • Top Speed: 140 Kmph
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Tyres: Metzeler Sportec M7RR with Aluminium Rims
  • Tyres Size: 110/70-17 (Front) – Disc / 150/60-17 (Rear) – Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: Brembo E-Braking
  • Suspension: 43 mm RCP adjustable USD Forks and RC adjustable Nitrogen-Charged Monoshock
  • Seat Height: 800mm
  • Ground Clearance: 175mm
  • Weight: 190 Kg
  • Colors: Silver

Yatri Project Zero Price in Nepal: Rs. 19,49,000

Pros Cons
Minimalistic Stylish Design Too Expensive!
Premium Features with Premium Hardware

Yatri Project One

Moving on to another Yatri motorcycle, Yatri Project One.

Yatri Project Zero Front StylingYatri Project Zero

Yatri Project One is powered by an electric powertrain with high performance at low operating costs. The electric motor will generate a max power of 19HP (14kW) and a max torque of 480Nm at wheel. P1 claims 110Kg Kerbweight, relatively light-weight than its sibling.

Project One is based on a completely new platform. But it is toned-down in features and specs than its sibling, making it more affordable and accessible.

Yatri Project One Feature Highlights

  • Dual-Sports Electric Motorcycle
  • Minimalistic Styling
  • Carbon-Fiber Body for Durability and Improved Performance
  • LED Lights
  • Light Weight and Agile
  • Upright Riding Posture
  • Front USD and Rear Monoshock Suspension
  • Dual-Purpose Tyres
  • Dual Disc Braking
  • Swapped Out Brake Control Levers

Yatri Project One price in Nepal is Rs. 4,95,000.

It is priced well against its supposed 250cc petrol competition. However, Yatri fails to go into details about the overall specs and features.

Perhaps Project One is still under development, and further refinements are yet to be done.

Yatri Project One competes against the Super Soco TC Max.

It would be unfair to compare one against the other without knowing the full details.

Nonetheless, Yatri Project One is supposed to offer more power, more performance, and more features.

Yatri Project One Specifications

  • Battery: 3.0kWh
  • Peak Power: 14kW (19 HP)
  • Peak Torque: 480 Nm at the wheel
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Range: 110 Km
  • Top Speed: 100 Kmph
  • Charging Time: 6 hours (1 hour with 3 kWh Fast Charging)
  • Tyres: Dual Purpose Tubeless
  • Tyres Size: 110/70-17 (Front) / 120/80-17 (Rear) – Disc
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: Standard
  • Suspension: USD Forks and Monoshock
  • Seat Height: n/a
  • Ground Clearance: 270 mm
  • Weight: 110 Kg
  • Colors: Silver

Yatri Project One Price in Nepal: Rs. 4,95,000

Pros Cons
Unique E-Mobility Offering Lacks in Key Specs and Features Detail
Relatively More Affordable Yatri P-0

Thoughts on Yatri Bikes Price in Nepal

So, that was our list of Yatri motorcycles prices in Nepal 2021.

Yatri Motorcycles is taking bookings for both Project Zero and Project One through their official website. Interested individuals can reserve the bike by paying a refundable reservation charge.

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Yatri motorcycles have now entered production. As for the delivery date, it is expected to start after a few months.

Besides Yatri electric bikes price in Nepal listing, you can check out our other bikes listings here.

If you have any questions related to Yatri bikes in Nepal, we are happy to help. Just leave your queries down in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most expensive Yatri bike in Nepal?
Yatri Project Zero is the most expensive Yatri bike in Nepal. It is priced at Rs. 19,49,000.

Which is the most affordable Yatri bike in Nepal?
Yatri Project One is the most affordable Yatri bike in Nepal. It is priced at Rs. 4,95,000.

Are Yatri Project Zero (P-0) and Yatri Project One (P1)  available for purchase?
Yes, both Yatri Project Zero and  Yatri Project One are currently available for bookings. However, the official delivery process starts after four months.

What is the difference between Project One and Project Zero?
Project One is more affordable but comes with tone-down battery-life, performance, and features, In contrast, Project Zero is more expensive but comes with maxed-out performance, features, and range.

Why are Yatri motorcycles so expensive?
Contrary to popular belief, Yatri motorcycles are not made in Nepal. The team imports product and components from the international markets, which is subjected to tax. Only the design and assembly process of the motorcycle is done in Nepal.


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