Dances of Nepal Classical Dances and Folk Dances

Charitra Dance 
People act as the characters of mythology. This dance is in vogue of the Terai area.

Maruni Dance
 This dance is common generally in eastern hilly region. The male in the guise of female performs this dance.

Khyali Dance
This dance is based on Khyali Song. It is also called Pangdure Dance.

Tarware Dance
This dance is traditional folk dance of Gandharva Community.

Chhokra Dance
This dance is common particularly in the far-western region.

Singaru Dance
This dance prevails in the mid-western region of Nepal

Hunkeli Dance
This dance is based on mythology. It prevails in the far western region of Nepal.

Pancha Buddh Dance
This dance is based on the relogious tradition of Buddha.

Devi Dance
This Dance is demonstrated especially from Gaijatra to Indra Jatra in the Kathmandu Valley. This is a specific dance of Bhaktapur.

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