Tourism Industry and It's Importance

The business avtivity connected with providing accomodaton entertainment, services to tourist is called tourism industry. In the fiscal year, 2062/63, 42% total GDP of Nepal was contributed to tourism.
Twenty years ago, Deepak was a farmer and was just able to grow only for ten months a year for his family. The change in life took place as trekkers began to follow the path past his house. He opened the shop along with the clean rest place in his land for the trekkers. That made a small lodge with that money. His daughter had got tranning in district technical school. She now manages the lodge and cooks varities of food. When his wife has time, she makes belt for trekkers. His eldest son was going to campus. His is interested in watching wild animals. Now he is a bird watching guide for tourists in Chitwan. His youngest son is now 15 years old and works as a cook for trekking company. He has only completed grade 8 but he is always eager to learn. He is the main cook in the trekking company.
Any person who travels from one place to another for pleasure, advanture, business, piligrimage, seminars, etc is called tourist. There are two types of tourists. 1. Domastic Touritst 2. International Tourists.
He is very popular with the trekkers. He also enjoys different meals of different countries.

Causes of Tourism
1. To enjoy during holidays.
2. To see and learn the lifestyle of other people.
3. For official and government work.
4.For trekkig, mountaineering and business.
5. To escape from the sever climate.
6. For pilgrimage.

Importance of Tourism
1. Earning foreign currency
2. Increase in trade
3. Contribution in national income
4. Development of physical and social infrastructure.

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