Makar Mela

Makar Mela is the biggest mela of Nepal, celebrated once a 12 years. It is celebrated in month of Magh (Jan 15-Feb 12). This mela is celebrated once a 12 year according to solar system of calendar when sun enters from KUMBHA to MAKAR rashi(Sun enters the orbit of Capricorn).

It is believed that during this mela, taking the holy bath in Triveni Ghat will wash all the sins and cure some skin diseases. It is also belived that after death ones soul rest in peace in Kailash Parbat. So large number of pilgrims gather in Triveni Ghat of Panauti from all over the Nepal and some parts of India as well.
There are two small holes in front of Bramayani idol in Bramayani Temple, Triveni Ghat, Panauti. This hole is void all the time but filled with the water only during Makar Mela only. The reason behind it is that river Rudrawati is flowing below the Bramayni temple and it meets with Punyamata River and Lilawati(Roshi) river to form Triveni (trio of three river) and the water level of Rudrawati rises once every 12 years. It is also said that milk is seen to a person blessed with 32 divine quality(lakshyan) in the hole in front of Bramayani idol in Bramayani Temple .
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