Kathmandu to Pokhara, KTM-PKR Flight

Well I was in rush but I got some chance to take pictures on the plane and one the Pokhara Airport. For your information from Kathmandu to Pokhara it takes 5-6 hours by bus and 30 minutes by (airways) plane. Here are some of the pictures while I was gone to Pokhara by Yeti Airlines.
Inside TIA
Mountains seen from aria view by YetiAirlines Plane

Moving from Kathmandu

Taking the height of Mountains

Mountainous Range – Picture Taken by me from Plane

Mountainous Range

A little far from mountainous Range

Near the Mountainous Range

Name and at same height of Mountainous Range

Mountainous Range

Drinking Coffee

Lake of Pokhara seen from Ariel view

Coffe Cup provide by one Sherpa Air hostess during the flight

Near the ground label of PA
Nearly to Land on Pokhara Airport
Finally landed safely on Pokhara Airport.

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