Lumbini Pictures, Lumbini Visit

Last time at the time of Dashain festival 201 while returning back from India we made a plan to visit Lumbini @ Kapilvastu. Here are some of the picturs of mine from Lumbini. For you information Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha (Gautam Buddha). Click any one picture and gallery will be loaded.
Ashoka Pillar and Proof of Birth of Gautam Buddha. You can read there.

Birthplace of Buddha Near the Pond

Door of Stupa made by Switzerland

Was Seen from Ashoka Pillar

Lumbini – The Birth Place of Lord Buddha

The Natural Flame that never stops burning

Me and the scenery behind is of Stupa made by Germany

Taken from the site of Stupa Made by Nepal

Stupa made by Nepal

At the inner entrance gate of Germany Stupa

Siddhartha Gautam Cutting his Hair

Said he looked like this during doing meditation and after that he realized food is necessary.

Nice One in the garden

Buddham Saranam Gachhami- Do you wana rotate it?

Lord Budda in the Gaya Tree

Siddhartha Gautam in the Garden

Teaching the Five Monks, Famous in Buddhist

Upper frontal side of Germany Buddha Stupa at Lumbini

A worker making the area clean and fresh

Me in-front of Laughing Buddha on Chinese Buddha Stupa

Inside Stupa made by Chinese in Lumbini Site

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