I am sorry, Movie Review of I am Sorry (2012), Nepali Movie I Am Sorry

This is a movie review of Nepali movie "I AM SORRY".
I am Sorry (2012) is a Nepali Love Story Movie directed by Hari Mahat.
The total running time of this movie is 2 hours and 20 minutes. I am
Sorry is an English sentence for expressing to someone if you have done
something wrong to him/her or if you feel guilty. I am sorry is one of
the movie in Nepali Cinema Industry directed by Hari Mahat. In this
season of Love (season of Valentine’s Day) the lead actor – Aryan Sigdel
and lead actress – Keki Adhikari has made a beautiful love in this
Nepali movie. This movie teaches (especially to the rich family) that
their sons and daughter are equal to the other normal children in the
Aryan Sigdel having name "Gaurav" in the movie is actually a taxi driver
in the remote village of Nepal. The main interesting turning part of
this movie is that Gaurav is son of the king. Also the actress of the
movie Keki Adhikari known as "Shruti" is also from the very rich family.
Gaurav and Shruti want to live their life in their own way but their
parents do not allow them. Due to the strickness of their parents, they
run away to somewhere in the country and live there in their own way. As
this is the season of love, I think I am Sorry movie lacks something in
the story but overall the movie is good. At the ending or last part of
the movie both Gaurav and Shruti felt guilty on what they had done.
Actually this part of the movie reflects the title "I am sorry!" of the
movie. What I personally felt is that neither the movie is of so much
high standard nor all the parts of movie are good but I think in the
history of Nepali Cinema Industry new good movie are raising and I
suggest you should watch this movie once so that you won’t have to say I
am sorry.

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