Drugs Addiction & Enforcement (Drugs in Nepal)

Any entities or a group of chemical entities other than required for the maintenance of good health is known as drugs. In other sense, a drug is a substance which is used to kill pain and cure illness. Drugs are useful to us if they are used in a proper way. The medicines that we take are also drugs. It is the type of drug which is prescribed by doctors and made in a legal way. Legal drugs include medicines and other painkillers whereas illegal drugs include: heroin, cocaine, brown sugar, crack, etc.

Drugs have become a major social problem in our country Nepal too. Mainly the victims of drugs are teenagers and young people. Many college boys and girls are found to be taking drugs in Nepal. It is not only the problem of our country but it is also the problem of the world. It prevailed in our society a long time ago. Drugs are taken for pleasure and entertainment. Some young boys and girls are addicted to drugs by the enforcement of their friends and others are addicted to knowing also. At first, they try to taste it but they will be addicted to it in the second or third time.

Taking drugs has been a global issue to know. The demand for drugs like Opium, Cocaine, Heroine, etc. are very high. So the farmers cultivate hashish in their fields to sell it. When the addicted person doesn’t get a chance to take drugs then he or she becomes totally mad. They sometimes even might kill or murder people.

Drug addiction is a very serious problem. Firstly the boys and girls try it and when they get addicted to drugs then they start to buy drugs at any cost. If they do not get money, they start to steal and even kidnap or kill people for money too. Drugs are abused nowadays in our country. The medicines that we take are also being misused. When we take drugs we will lose our health and also our wealth too. We should not be addicted to this slow poison because one day it will finish us.


The main problem for drug addiction in our country is the carelessness of our government. No, any proper rules and regulations are there for the people who do such thing. So, very effective rules and regulations like the death penalty should be given if anybody is found to be abusing drugs and then only our country can achieve national building goal or country can be developed.

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  1. As I recall, drugs were created to cure diseases and not to start a disease. It seems that this disease called drug abuse has spread throughout the region and it has not been stopped since it started. Drug abuse will just destroy the lives of our teens. What will happen to our future if most of our teens become drug addicts? I do hope that this disease can be cured.

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