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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is the owner of RabinsXP who is constantly working for increasing Internet of Things (IoT) in Nepal. He also builds android apps and crafts beautiful websites. He is also working with various social services. The main aim of Lamichhane is to digitally empower the citizens of Nepal and make the world spiritually sound better both in terms of technology and personal development.

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  1. Sam says:

    Is this relaiable product?

  2. Sam says:

    Is this product reliable?

  3. says:

    Sam, it's price is high where as a devie Usiblate, an upgrade version is less. But it's features lot than Usiblate.. Both are Android devices.. So if you care your money you can buy others tab unless Global tab. And if you don't care about your money then go on Global tab or more on Samsung Galaxy Tab. But still choice is yours.

  4. Anish says:

    it is not more than UBISLATE,,it is also resistive touch screen. ubislate 7+ do have camera feature with video functionality. nothing much with compared to UBISLATE 7+,, its expensive than that one !!!

    anish adh

  5. says:

    Mr. Anish.. Yeah I agree with you Global Tab is expensive as compared to Ubislate. So what you think what would be public's reaction over this two upcomming devices?

  6. harish sinha says:

    is it works good enough with touch or we have to press hard…?

  7. says:

    Mr. Harish.. It's not like a touch on Galaxy tab.. But while using this tab you'll build your own habit.. So for me it doesn't matter pressing hard or soft…

  8. Bidur says:

    where can i buy the tab i want o buy

  9. Bidur.. You can buy this tab from any showrooms or dealers below.
    1. Naxal, Kathmandu –
    Sharp Showroom,
    2. Teku, Kathmandu –
    Mahindra Showroom,
    3. Naxal, Kathmandu –
    Mahindra Showroom,
    4. Illam – Maskey
    5. Birtamode – Nobel
    6. Urlabari – Nawa Durga
    7. Pathri – Roju Kota,
    8. Birat Chowk –
    Pathivara Electronics,
    9. Damak – R.J
    10. Damak – Sunrise
    11. Dharan – New
    Saraswoti Electronics,
    12. Dharan – Manisha
    13. Biratnagar – Digi
    14. Inaruwa – Kulsum
    15. Birgunj – R.K
    16. Hetauda – Bikas
    17. Narayanghat –
    Tanish Traders,
    18. Bardaghat – Panthi
    19. Butwal – Kasturi
    20. Butwal – Himal
    21. Butwal – Tri Murti
    22. Bhairawa – Aama
    23. Nepalgunj – Delta
    24. Nepalgunj – Aditya
    Mobile & Supliers,
    25. Lamahi – SS
    26. Dang – Bhishowjyoti
    27. Lamki – Timilsina
    Electro Point,
    28. Kohalpur – Tara
    29. Tikapur – Mata
    30. Dhangadi – Binayek
    31. Mahendranagar –
    Anuj Traders,
    32. Gorkha – Pradhan
    33. Damauli – National
    Radio Center,
    34. Besisahar – R&R
    35. Pokhara – World
    36. Pokhara – Star
    37. Baglung – M.P Watch,
    38. Baglung – Sunil
    39. Beni – Shrestha Time
    and Sound Service,
    40. Walling – Shreeram
    41. Janakpur – Sybar
    Btw what is your location? If you let me know I could help you to buy with discounts if any avilable.

  10. Bidur says:

    I am in kalimati can i see the tab?

  11. Bidur you can go to Mahindra Showroom at Teku or other near locations (see above) or call the numbers9801064254 and 9818258159.

  12. Rjn says:

    hi lamichhhane ji…i m planning to buy a chief tablet…can u please post or mail mi the actual configuration of the tablet…the full specification is not posted here….

  13. Bidur says:

    booking process is not good….it is trouble for weating for those days..i want to buy hand to hand as cash…but why booking process so leanthy….

  14. Rjn.. As posted above this tab features such as:
    1. 7" Touch Screen with
    HD Quality video,
    2. Connect via GPRS &
    3. Game & Applications
    Galore with Android 2.3,
    4. Mobile Calling & SMS,
    5. Video Recording and
    6. Music and Radio,
    7. Much More…
    Full details would be added when I personally check this device once more. Last time at mobile expo I've used it and when I'll be back in Kathmandu more updates regarding this tablet would be published.

  15. Bidur, it takes time as they are introducing this tablet for first time in Nepal. Last time I also had booked Ubislate 7+ tablet but look 3-4 months passed no any response from them. But I think you can buy this tablet easily (direct cash on hand as you've said earlier) from the market. Bidur you can conform yourself dialing the official numbers above.

  16. rocky says:

    i went to buy this product at naxal in sharp showroom with cash but the authorized dealers sent me back to home saying that the device is available only for booked ones but what about the ones who has not booked and how can i get this i really liked this product and i want to buy this product anyhow ….please someone help me to get this gadget soon . contact:9803609213 🙁

  17. Unknown says:

    Is this device support latest flash player

  18. Rocky, we can't do anything when authorized dealers sent you back to home. You can start your booking now. Instead you can also buy others tab of same price and same features. You can search "rabinsxp tab" on search engines and check if any other tablet matches your criteria. You can also check the Technology category found at the's pages below.

  19. Hello Unknown, I think it supports but still let me check and i'll try to post here later or please somebody eles let us know if this tab supports latest flash player or not.

  20. Look impressible. I am interested on buying 2 nos so let me know where i can get in Bhairahawa and please give details with contact no of your Bhairahawa outlet. hoping for prompt response.

  21. Bishow Pd. JI.. You can get this device from Aama Shop at Bhairawa. You can call on the above nos or 197 and ask the numbers. Currently I'm out of the valley. I'll give you all the numbers of dealers after I'll be back to Kathmandu.

  22. Dear Rabin Ji

    plz give me Aama shop no so that i can communicate them and get the device easily.

    Thank you

  23. Dear Bishow Ji.. I am sorry for now I am unable to share you the number as I am on a trek to Parbat. I'll provide you soon I'll be back to Kathmandu. Please try dialing 197 and ask for phone numbers, it's a free telephone inquiry service of Nepal ( also simless call allowed)

  24. can u provide us the information about its operating system???And if some damage or error will occur then wat sud we do????And also abot iTS warRAnty perioD??

  25. Khanal Ji i'll relay your message to the Global Tablet's deler or SG. Let see what they would say. Also I will try to call the representitive here and officall staffs will help you.

  26. nirmal says:

    u said u can look for a discount.. can u getme one if possible…. i m from ktm

  27. Nirmal.. At least I could have tried if I was there. Currently I am having my vaccation at Gyandi. So lets see till I'm back to Kathmandu.

  28. Bittu Gupta says:

    how can i cantact to birgunj dealer

  29. Bittu Gupta says:

    how can i get the cantact no of birgunj dealer?

  30. Gupta Sir, Now office hours are closed. Sorry for now. But I will provide you next day.

  31. Mukta Ji.. In this post I have writen about Global Tablet introduced by SG. Please read once more… No any device number or category was included. You might have bought different type of tablet. Please refer to your delear/seller.

  32. mukti says:

    I bought Global Tablet introduced by SG from Naxal.How can we know that charge is full while charging ? Can it be used during charging? How much GB of SD can it support ? Plz guide me.

  33. Mukti… Please refer to the catlogue/ guide u got while buying

  34. my global tablet works only when charger is plugged in,is there any problem in battery? should i change it or can it b repaired using high voltage?

  35. Mr. Ranjan.. No! No! Don't use any high voltage rather you should replace battery.

  36. thank u, kati par6 hola naya battery lai?

  37. Kushal K.C. says:

    could you tell me about price of global tablet pc now a days.

  38. Kushal K.C. says:

    could you tell me abt price of global tablet pc now a days.

  39. Kushal.. Its price ranges from NRs. 8,000 – NRs. 10,000

  40. Ranjan.. No idea.. Yet its orginal battery is not avilable in the markets but may be avilable ask from where you'd buy.

  41. Kushal K.C. says:

    Global tablet pc support 3G & Video Call?

  42. Mr. Kushal. Global Tab do not support 3G & Video Call because it supports no mobile dial (i.e. no any sim card slot). But 3G or 4G cards can be connected via USB for phone calls.

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