By | March 3, 2012

Today I listened something abou HIV and AIDS. So I just got a mood to
write something on this topic. You might know all about HIV and AIDS but
still I want to share some information on the topic "HIV AND AIDS".
Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) indicates the combination of
signs and symptoms that have occured due to weakness of immune system
which has been obtained from others. We have immune power in our body
which helps us to protect against the disease. Suffering from different
types of diseases due to weakness of this immunity power is called AIDS.
In another words, AIDS is not any particular disease but it is the state
when body has weakness in natural capacity of fighting against the
diseases. The virus which causes AIDS is Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus
(HIV). Once HIV enters the human body, it starts destroying the capacity
of body to fight against germs of diseases and this makes person to
suffer from other diseases. The presence of HIV is indicated during the
blood test of person only after 6-12 weeks of its entry into the body.
The AIDS that was known only since 1981 has been spreading rapidly
throught the world. If we check the recent data, during the span of two
decades, more than 40 million (4 crores) people are estimated to have
HIV infection. The spread of HIV is very rapid in Asian countries. In
our country also, the number of HIV infected persons is found increasing
day by day.

2 thoughts on “HIV and AIDS

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