Top 10 Nepali Songs for March 2012, Best Nepali Songs March 2012

Top 10 Nepali Selected Songs by RabinsXp for March 2012. The number of
ranking of the best Nepali songs March 2012 may be change.
1. Sustari – Ethos ft. Shreya Sotang
2. Batuwa -Santosh Lama
3. Birsiye Jhai – Juna Prasai
4. Timi Ra Ma – Trishna Gurung
5. Abhiman
6.Timi Bina
7. Eka Desh Ko
8. Dherai Nai
9. Sunideu
10. Achano Bho
RabinsXp will be back next time with the New Top Nepali Songs of 2012
list on this March.

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