Barack Obama – The Audacity of Hope

Today I had finished reading the book – Barack Obama, The Audacity of Hope (Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream) that was borrowed from The American Library at Kathmandu. The book was really good and worthy. That is why it was #1 New York Times Best Seller. The first page of the Audacity of Hope begins with the introduction BARACK OBAMA as an elected President of the United States on November 4, 2008. The same page also says Obama as the author of one previous book, the New York Times bestseller Dreams from My Father. The book states the Prologue (Page 3), Republicans and Democrats (Page 17), Values (Page 53), Our Constitution (Page 85), Politics (Page 121), Opportunity (Page 162), Faith (Page 231), Race (Page 269), The World Beyound Our Borders (Page 320), Family (Page 383) and Epilogue (Page 417). You can also buy this book or borrow from your nearest library and read it. At least I learned something worthy that life is not obliged to work out as you’d planned by reading this book. I want to share the best lines of this book. The P# defines the page numbers of the book where these lines can be found.

1. That’s the topic of this book: how we might begin the process of changing our politics and our civic life. ….and graphs, timetables and ten-point plans. (P13).

2. I can’t help but view the American experience…to shape our lives. (P14)

3. I reject a poltics that is based solely…as much as our GDP. (P15)

4. We disagreed on the scope of our disagreements…the size of the deficit or the culprits to blame for the deficit. (P21)

5. Maintain absolute…. House of Representatives. (P21)

6. In the halls of power (P32)

7. When, for fear of appearing censorinus,…sensitive to constitutional constraints. (P75)

8. Americans understand the damage….our collective lives; (P75)

9. A nation that can’t control its energy…its future. (P202)

10. Economists have noted that throughout the world…increasing automation and higher productivity. (P205)

11. …possible legislation…the imcompetence was color-blind…addressed…troops deployed…few nights later, (P272)

12. …it reguires fighting off…the effort. (P280)

13. …constitute America’s vital heart. (P287)

14. More minorities…remains tenuous. (P288)

15. …enforcing nondiscrimination…and education. (P288)

16. …there’s strong evidence of….remedy available. (P289)

17. These days, what ails working-class and….need to compete in a global economy. (P291) 18. If you want to…than these statics.(P292)

19. Whenever I hear….more white. (P293)

20. …fanning the politics of resentment (P293).

If you read this book you will really feel good to know about Barack Obama as a rare politician who wrote about himself. According to the New York Times, “Barack Obama is that rare politician who can actually write – and write movingly and genuinely about himself” “Obama writes convincingly about race as well as the lofty place the Constitution holds in American life…. He writes tenderly about family and knowingly about faith.” – Los Angeles Times ” An upbeat view of the country’s potential and a political biography that concentrates on the senator’s core values.” – Chicago Tribune I have read and found this book helpful and guys also please try to read it once.

(PS: While making this post experts or references has been taken from the book, The audacity of Hope by Barack Obama and copyright credits goes to Barack Obama and respective authors.))

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