F-commerce, Ecommerce on Facebook

I have heard about the Fcommerce (F- commerce) which would be e-commerce
on Facebook. Some entreprenurs and investors increasingly think "F-
Commerce" meaning e-commerce on Facebook is the answer. As the world’s
largest social network hurtles towards a $5 billion initial public
offering, it will come under more pressure from Wall Street to find new
sources of profit growth and reduce its reliance on advertising, which
accounted for 85 percent of its 2011 revenue. As already mentioned
above some entrepreneurs and investors increasingly think Fcommerce as
ecommerce site of facebook is the answer. Start-ups such as BechMint,
Yardsellr, Oodle and Fab.com are coming up with novel ways to persuade
Facebook users to not just connect with friends on social network, but
to shop as well.
"E-commerce is a huge category with very strong tailwinds and it’s a
natural move for Facebook," said Sam Schwerin of Millennium Technology
Value Partners which owns Facebook shares and has a stake in BeachMint.
Facebook had 845 million monthly active users at the end of 2011, far
higher than Amazon’s 164 million active accounts or the eBay online
marketplacle’s 100 milion active users.
For now, Facebook is making money mostly by selling ads to merchants
trying to target potdntial customers. But many experts say it is a
matter of time before before the eight-years-old social network will ask
for a cut of shopping transactions, or seek other ways to profit. They
point to Facebook’s relationship with online games developer Zynga Inc
as an example. Facebook takes a 30 percent cut of revenue generated from
the sale of virtual goods used to play Zynga games.
At the time of preparing this post references are taken from the news
published by Reuters on 7 of April. Lets see how facebook will introduce
it’s ecommerce site for shopping products or goods online. You can have
you say about fcommerce or f-commerce meaning ecommerce of Facebook.

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