Tablet PC Price List, Markets of Nepal

Today, I just want to share you the price list of Tablet PC available in the markets of Nepal. Are you going to buy a tablet PC? If yes! I am going to list you the latest price of latest Touch Screen Tablet PC available in the Nepali markets.
tablets in nepal
Tablets in Nepal
  1. Rs. 12,000 – T700 (Simmtronics),
  2. Rs. 16,000 – T701 (Simmtronics),
  3. Rs. 24,000 – GT70 (Xplore Tablet PC),
  4. Rs. 6,000 – Ubislate 7+ (Data Wind),
  5. Rs. 6,200 – Si7 (Super Pads),
  6. Rs.18,000 – IT -M809RC (AvatarTablet PC),
  7. Rs. 12,000 – Novo Platinium,
  8. Rs. 18,000 – Novo Tablet,
  9. Rs.9,999 – Global Tablet Touch Screen PC,

All the tablets listed above are built on Android OS.

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87 thoughts on “Tablet PC Price List, Markets of Nepal

  1. Amit, which tablet you gonna buy? If you specify any I can suggest the exact location. Nevertheless, you can find someplaces mentioned on my previous post regarding tablets in Nepal. Hope you got.. Still if any queries just comment below?

  2. Mr. Ram, Si7 doesn't support sim cards or such features for phone dialings. But you can add extra 3G or 4G technology. This doesn't mean Si7 only supports this type of technology that supports phone call. For now lets say we can use Ncell or Namaste data card for making phone calls that supports USB. The same applies for this table too. N Ram Ji my name is Rabins. Please do not be confused with Rabin n Rabins.

  3. Mr. Sabin, Yes! You can use Ncell data card and start surfing the internet. This can be done on other tablets too. Note: You have to use data 3G or 4G sim placed on a small pendrive like device connected via USB. And usually not suitable for carrying out your tablet jacked with extra any other parts while you are going out. If you need any suggestions or want to know which product suits you just comment below.

  4. Rabin in si7 all vedeos can be played like in computer…n in tablet can we installed programe like computer.just games,vlc media player..n it have back camera or not?

  5. Dear Jessica Angel.. Yes we can play/listen audio/video as we do on our laptops n pcs.
    Regarding installing vlc player or others (as we click setup.exe file) we cannot do so but you can install vlc or other android applications from android marketplace if avilable..
    Explaning in brief Android is mobile OS as we have win xp or win 7 or mac in our pc/mac.
    And yes most of the tablets come with front and back camers.
    In short tablet is a complete computer package.

  6. Sabin.. All the tablet comes with Wi-fi.. U can surf internet using Wi-fi connectivity..
    But for 3G/4G internet u have to choose tablets that support mobile phone calls. I mean ur sim card. For example. Ubislate 7+, Galaxy Tablets and Global Tablets supports mobile phone call.

  7. Hello Jessica..Si7+ (Super Pad) do supports USB this means u can attach any USB or Flash Drives such as Pendrive, Hard Drives, Keyboard. But I haven't tested using mouse. It supports keyboard and might support mouse too.

  8. keyboard came free or not?in si7..n other wat came free…n in si7 can we ply game by sensor?n can we conect internet by adsl as in comp..?n where can i buy dis Rabin. (^_^)

  9. No USB keyboard comes free in si7.
    You get charger, and might a memory card too.
    Yes in si7 one can
    paly games by touching screen. (You'd mention sensor so what type of sensor you are talking?)
    Wi-FI connectivity from routers (any ADSL, Cables, others) can be done so as we do in laptops n computers (but not LAN).
    You can get @ Putalisadak (opp. to Kumari Bank.
    N Jassica Please make sure my name is Rabins (not Rabin). (^_^)

  10. oh xory gravity,compas.accelemetor sensor..n i have doubt that in si7 there is no any port to connect adsl internet… In computer backward only we can connect adsl internet isn't it Rabins.its actual price is 7000 or 6000? N it says it hav external speaker it means…

  11. Mr. Rabins

    Greetings of the day!!!

    I would like to know if the si7 rate is still same on todays date? Does it price differs in bulk order and is it tax inclusive rate?

  12. Thanks for the reply. USB tethering means whether I can share my mobile internet connection with Si7 tablet or not, through USB datacable of mobile (like I am doing with my desktop PC).And I asked you the price of Android SiPC Phone Tablet PC by Inktech not Si7 , Sir.

  13. Is the above listed tablets are anriod or what,and i wnt to buy either novo or x-plore tablet if they are anriod 4.0 os and can you tell me wher to buy and which is more benificial to buy.

  14. Dear Robin, Both are Android. Novo have various versions including 4.0 but xplore tablet is only 2.x . I prefare xplore rather than Novo. Novo do not have phone calls. But your choice may be different. For tablets' features see posts under "Technology"

  15. Sir as Omega Business Power had mentioned earlier. Si7 Slim with latest android 4.0 icecream sandwitch, 8gb internal storage, 512 ddr3 with market price NPR 8500 is avilable.

    Now Tablets like Novo, Si7, Avatar, etc comes with Android v.4.0.

  16. "Sir as Omega Business
    Power had mentioned
    earlier. Si7 Slim with latest
    android 4.0 icecream
    sandwitch, 8gb internal
    storage, 512 ddr3 with
    market price NPR 8500 is
    avilable" and now you are saying SI7 plus…. toitt… nd tell me other tabs having android 4.0 os with their price

  17. Hello Rabins bro… One of my fren Kamal has just bought a Tablet Named Yuva 7 … Can I know some thing abt It… and where can I buy it in Itahari or Dharan Or Biratnagar…

  18. all the tablets listed above are just for kids. i would like to tell you all this tab runs on 2.2 android except novo which has became history. if you are looking for tab of samsung or apple co. then choose the tab which has 1024*600 or more resolution becoze tab wid low resolution makes very hard to read, surf or play game. the tablet must have 1 gb ram otherwise u cannt store more app. the tab should be ips screen and updatable to jinger bread so that you can be in upto date technology. various tablets in world are available at affordable price but in nepal it hasnt been launched. hope international market soon comes to nepal too

  19. Well bro, it depends upon what type of features you wanna have in your tab. Talking about my choice I go for Si7, Avatar and a bit for Global tab for low budget. But if not caring about bucks, I prefer Samsung Galaxy S3 Tablet.

  20. Welcome bro! You said Beltrin yuwa plus has got lots of features. It sounds like you're familier or I may be wrong too. But upto my knowledge I've just heard about that device but never had had seen or used. If possible, share something about that device with us.

  21. Bro Si7 Tablet price ranges from cost Nrs.6000 – Nrs.7000. Do not buy if price is greater the 7000.

    Do not go anywhere else. Just go to the Inktech at Putalisadak.

    You can get the 3 days before advertisement published in Kantipur. There was the rate Rs.6500.

    Good! Go for Nuxs

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