Temples of Parbat, Nepal (with Established Dates)

Let me start with one mantra dedicated to the Maha Yaaga of Baisakh 11 – 18 held at Kushma (aka Kusum Nagari).

Sri Ganeshya Namah:

Sri Parmatmane Namah:

Sri Yagya Purushya Namah:

Nigam Kalp Taror-gali-ah Fal-ah Shuka Mukhadamirt Drabya Sayu-tam !!

Piwat Bhagwat Rasamalaya Muharako Rasika Bhwibhawak !!

Srimad Bhagwat Shri Bhimeshwor Narayan Mahapuran Bishwa-Shanti Laxwarti Gyaan MahaYagya

I have included the above mantra to support such kind of activities and I may or may not relate to this religious activities.

Now allow me to list the names of Temples of Parbat, one of the districts of Nepal in Western Nepal. I have done some research by myself and have visited places, asked the local peoples and listed the Temples (Mandir-haru) of Parbat district including the established date.

  1. Bhimeshwor Narayan Temple – Estd. 1964/09/29,
  2. Gupteshwor Mahadev Gufa – Estd. 1992,
  3. Laxmi Narayan Temple – Estd. 1996,
  4. Satya Narayan Temple – Estd. 2011,
  5. Nrisimha (Narsinga) Bhawani Temple – Estd. 1890,
  6. Dhaneshwor Shivalaya (Shiwalaya) Temple – Estd. 1917,
  7. Rameshwar Shivalaya Temple – Estd. 1936,
  8. Sarbeshwor Shivalaya Temple – Estd. 1996,
  9. Radha Krishna Temple – Estd. 2003,
  10. Ram Janaki Temple – Estd. 2060,
  11. Gayatri Temple – Estd. 2055,
  12. Khadeshwor Shivalaya Temple – Estd. 2041,
  13. Ganesh (Gadesh) Temple – Estd. 1976,
  14. Bhimshen (Vimsen) – Estd. 1964,
  15. Laleshwor Shivalaya Temple – Estd. 1974,
  16. Shree Krishna Temple – Estd. 2063,
  17. Patheshwor (Patheshwori) Temple, This temple at Gyandi Chaur includes multiple temples inside like Ganesh, Durga Bhawani, Kalika Mata, Manakamana Mata and many others.
  18. 18. Shiva Temple (Gyandi)

There are lots of other temple in Parbat district. I will be adding the names of new temples of Parbat and you guys also have to help me collecting the names. If you know more about Temples in Parbat please let us know by posting your comments below.

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