1st Day of Tour

Everybody wants to travel from one place to another for various
purposes. So do I travel different places to keep my mind fresh. Yes, we
need to cultivate our mind. So, me & my friends made a plan, decided to
go on tour for 4 days and started our journey of tour on 30 th of May,
We all were excited to visit different places of Nepal and learn many
kinds of different things. It seemed my friends were happy forgetting
all kinds of worries and tensions. I will try to share you my 4 days of
Tour (post per day). So today let me start with the 1st day of Tour.
The 1st Day of Tour
Today was the starting day of our tour. I was very excited about it. So,
with departure from my dream I got up early in the morning at 4 0′
Clock. I did all my sanitation works in quick moments. At that time I
was really, very much excited. As we had planned yesterday we gathered
at Cyclechowk (Gyandi, Parbat) and started travelling.
While travelling we all enjoyed very much by singing and dancing inside
bus. Doing such activities we reached Pokhara through the route of
Phalewash – Gyandi – Pokhara. After having our breakfast there at
Deurali Hotel, we moved forward. The way with so many turnings we had to
travel was very long. Most of my friends even got vomits and they were
feeling weakness. So at about 2:00 pm we had had our lunch. We took rest
for some time and again started to move.
After travelling for sometimes we reached Palpa of Tansen. We viewed
Palpa Durbar which was destructed in the war of Nepalese Army against
maoists. Then after we moved forward travelling through Butwal and
Hetauda watching different places and things. After crossing so many
bridges we reached to Lumbini (Kapilvastu, Nepal). We observed many
intresting places. We saw the Buddha’s idols, pond and Mayadevi Temple
and also the Ashoka Pillar. We felt very happy there. We also saw the
light there which never stops burning. We took many photographs and
bought many wonderful cultural things. Then again we returned back to
Butwal. Now I’m currently at Butwal spending some time on Facebook,
Twitter and writing this on Rabinsxp.com. After sometime having our
dinners we will be on our beds resting the whole day tiredness and make
ourselves ready for our 2nd day of tour. I will be back next day till
then see ya!

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