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Nepali Movie - VetiThis a pre-release movie review of Veti. In the Maya’s Bar we already had seen Rekha Thapa as Malati and now she is opening a new pub. We can enjoy the taste of Rekha’s New Bar again. Yes, I am talking about the new Nepali Movie (2012) – Veti directed by Kishor Chaudhary. Rekha is performing as a Thakali (previously people leaving in Thak or near Thak river were called Thakali but now-a-days Thakali represent cast as Newari represent a person from Newar community) women operating the pub. She had sold modern wine and alcohol in Maya’s Bar but here changing here name (not a Malati) she is serving local Chhyang and Tongba (especial local drink of community like Sherpa, Tamang, etc. They drink this alcohol to keep them warm as they live in high himalayas like Mt. Everest, Mt. Dhaulagiri, etc. ) to her customers. "This 2012/2069 Nepali movie will be releasing on Kartik 3", said the officials while releasing the first look (poster) of Veti. The director added, "We will start promotion of Veti on Bhandra onwards". The movie is a Spicy movie, Chaudhary decleared.

All the works of Veti has been completed and the Veti Team are waiting for the releasing date of Kartik 3 to be fixed. After the date is fixed, they told, they will immediately go for promotion. Talking about the actor and actress, the leading actress is Ragani Khadki though popular actress Rekha is performing here as Pub’s operator and on the opposite of Khadki, there is Pramod Khadka. The movie has been made under the banner of Chitra Sen Baba Media Pvt. Ltd. where Narayan Khatiwada had invested and the the total budget of movie was 50 lakhs only.

It was just a brief about the Nepali movie – Veti before releasing but we still have to wait to watch Veti till Kartik 3.

Ratings: 4

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