What is Rakshya Bandhan and Janai Purnima?



First of all, I want to wish you a very happy Rakhshya Bandhan and Janai Purnima 2012. I have seen most of my friends had already started wishing Rakshya Bandhan of 2069 via their Facebook and pages. So I also want to share my wishings and some information about Rakshya Bandhan and Janai Purnima.

What is Rakshya Bandhan?

Rakshya Bandhan is composed of two words i.e. Rakshya means to protect & Bandhan means to bind or tight. Rakshya Bandhan, also known as Raksha Purnima, Rakhi Purnima, or only Rakhi is a festival of Brothers and Sisters in which sister binds a holy thread to her brother’s right hand that will be protecting him. And in return brother promises that he will protect his sister forever.

This festival is one of my favourite festivals and I don’t know why it makes me emotional remembering this occasion even after a long time. I feel the luck to have a sister. And today I want to dedicate the whole day to my sister.

What is Janai Purnima?

Janai means a holy sacred thread prepared by Brahmins (Bramhad or Bahun in Nepali) after spelling some special mantra over it and here Purnima (full moon day or night) means an occasion day. Janai is a holy thread which protects us from evils and spirits. Normally Brahmins wear Janai of 6 threads and Chhetris wear Janai of 3 thread according to Hindu epic.

Once again I want to wish you a very Happy Rakhshya Bandhan 2069 and the Janai Purnima 2069. RabinsXp.com wishes you the best luck and enjoy your day with your brothers or sisters.

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