Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has quite simply changed how we consume
content on the Web. Essentially, RSS is a technology that let’s Web
sites push updates — such as new blog posts or news articles —
directly to a user, who can read those updates using a special RSS
reader (which can either be desktop or Web-based). Rather than forcing
users to visit a Web site to check for new updates, the Web site can
instead push the updates to them (though technically, the client
software needs to pull RSS feed data, unless another push technology is
being used, but the result for the end user is still the same).

RSS has revolutionized how people interact with content by allowing them
to aecome passive consumers of massive amounts of information. Further,
it has allowed Web developers to mash up news coverage in new and
exciting ways. Sites like Regator and Techmeme use RSS feeds to enhance
the way readers find and consume the news.
Rabinsxp Tech Blog’s RSS feed (Atom) can be pulled via An example of the use of RSS feed (push
updates) can be found at It displays the latest
blogs’ post updates pulled from different RSS feed of different blogs.

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